An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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The UK was great and i had a time

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it

College Master
College Master Pred 11 urami
Wanna hear something probably gross? >:D If Jaiden sold that wallet to the highest bidder on a stream, some hardcore simps could turn her into a millionaire.
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master Pred 12 urami
I'm not trying to assume/put a label on a person etc...But the way he's drawn and what he said... Am I the only one thinking this dude should have a sign on his jacket saying "WARNING: INCEL" here?!
Sonicreeper Pred 13 urami
Jaiden’s list of things not to lose literally has virginity on it… Uhhhhhhhhhhh…….
ChipsNCheese Pred 14 urami
yo i'm english
YZKGAMEGAME Pred 15 urami
Flame Liik
Flame Liik Pred dnevom
jaiden doodoo’d on her wallet
Sonic Gaming259
Sonic Gaming259 Pred dnevom
Jaiden: WIth that being said Baby Jaiden: So I Peed on my walle-
Just Relax
Just Relax Pred dnevom
You didn’t flush after you went 😅
Marisha.kaminari Pred dnevom
She didn’t flush???
Seal Snatch
Seal Snatch Pred dnevom
skeny Pred 2 dnevi
I know ıts really disgusting but i just pooped on my phone and still using the same phone-
Pauli 5634
Pauli 5634 Pred 2 dnevi
7:01 says the one who peed on their wallet
Little Taylor
Little Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
2: ViRgInItY
Luciano Pred 2 dnevi
1:06 List: "2. Virginity" 1 second later: **butt appears** XD
WhatAlsaid! Pred 2 dnevi
Wow, you're a lot more chill than I am. If it were me, I'd have punched him on the neck. Or just redirected the passive aggressive negging back onto him. "Wow, your vocabulary is pretty good. I didn't know they had English courses in rehab." "No, my friends don't visit me that much. But I bet yours are always hanging out with you. Y'know. Because the only friends you have are the ones that exist inside your head"
The Guardian Dex
The Guardian Dex Pred 2 dnevi
If only jaiden would let me be her wallet the next time she goes to Uk
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Pred 2 dnevi
If he was going to be sexist at least he is original.
Evil-Eyes88 Pred 3 dnevi
"I didnt check the toilet" so you are not flushing at all with after checks for some .... uhm .. "left overs" from your toilet buissnes? ^^
VR master
VR master Pred 3 dnevi
The second one on the list his funny 😂
_Something64_ Pred 4 dnevi
Smells like incel in here
South Pred 4 dnevi
Don’t worry us uk.....ians are a lot better than this 😁
Mine turtle✨🐢
Mine turtle✨🐢 Pred 5 dnevi
I wonder if i toutched the jaiden money
Mr Dog :3
Mr Dog :3 Pred 5 dnevi
Why the uk.. You chose probably one of the most crackhead country other than its neighbour ireland
Avelyn Lang
Avelyn Lang Pred 5 dnevi
im from the uk
Jesterr0624 Pred 6 dnevi
Ain’t no one Gonna talk about how the phone says weirdo detected
Moner Pred 6 dnevi
Why didn't you talk about the great British accent I am from Syria and we are in Syria institutes Learn the American accent and I used to talk like that all the time But when I talked to a wonderful person from Britain, I fell in love with the British accent
Chloe Fitzgerald
Chloe Fitzgerald Pred 6 dnevi
Theory: the weird guys with the grey hoodie and blonde hair is Tommy innit
Joshua Rowland
Joshua Rowland Pred 6 dnevi
You should have gone to shreks pizza
Artamis Bot
Artamis Bot Pred 7 dnevi
"so I peed on my wallet and a bumped a sus dude at the airport" ... Quality content!!!
StarskyRhubarb Pred 7 dnevi
1:05 the list: the LIST
Cassi Flyn
Cassi Flyn Pred 7 dnevi
Woman pockets have been getting better lately well from the pants that I've been getting
Kami Sorani
Kami Sorani Pred 7 dnevi
Any other British viewers thinking that, whilst the guy was awkward as hell, "all women are selfish" was just a poorly executed joke? British humour is often quite offensive to Americans because we like to satirise very controversial issues with dry and often undetectable sarcasm. Think of Ricky Gervais.
Mama_Tot Pred 3 dnevi
I mean, considering he was in the non-uk passport line, I think he was just a weird American
Voltex Pred 7 dnevi
So you didnt flush?
clipamations Pred 7 dnevi
That man is literally tommyinnit
alexander jovan
alexander jovan Pred 7 dnevi
damn that guy just got exposed
BananaKing Comment
BananaKing Comment Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden to be honest he was probably baked af
Jak Lynch
Jak Lynch Pred 8 dnevi
Dam why so many dislikes?
Shyam Tayal
Shyam Tayal Pred 8 dnevi
"I thunk it"😂
Garyyy the Gamer
Garyyy the Gamer Pred 8 dnevi
0:32 hol' up is that the TARDIS I can't believe I've never seen this before I love Doctor Whoooo
Pęâņûț Pred 8 dnevi
anybody notice when jaiden pulled out her phone and the guy was talking about it the phone said "weirdo detected"
shiryu joga
shiryu joga Pred 8 dnevi
caraca tu bota vietinamita mas n bota portugues muié >:(
Rotem Pred 8 dnevi
wait how was it in the toilet didnt you flushed it?
tweek tweak south park
tweek tweak south park Pred 8 dnevi
1:07 is that a noose😂
Aliss M Stryx
Aliss M Stryx Pred 8 dnevi
U need a fanny pack.
Navita Dashore
Navita Dashore Pred 8 dnevi
7:56 *thought, GRAMMAR, JAIDEN!
Shobu Shogun
Shobu Shogun Pred 9 dnevi
sorry but i gotta ask, did you not flush after you peed on your wallet? lol
Absolute Chaos
Absolute Chaos Pred 8 dnevi
It was probably too big to go through the thingy , whatever it's called
Steven Bocanegra
Steven Bocanegra Pred 9 dnevi
Weirdo Detected ha
Мия Осаму
Мия Осаму Pred 9 dnevi
Omg name in Russian
Uwurocza Kawa
Uwurocza Kawa Pred 9 dnevi
1:05 My parents lost number 3, but that wasn't me, just my older brother sorry for my bad english
TheOne.1 Pred 9 dnevi
she doesnt have to worry if someone would steal a wallet that was pee'd on
Ikazuchi Pred 9 dnevi
3:30 - Kupo!
Que Germain
Que Germain Pred 9 dnevi
His name was probably Kyle
zomzomino Pred 9 dnevi
Plot twist: that guy was actually doing a psychological experiment to see how people react.
Ané Dorfling
Ané Dorfling Pred 9 dnevi
I have a samsung
Nicky Imchen
Nicky Imchen Pred 9 dnevi
I thunk it. - Jaiden Animations
Detective foxy of brookhaven
Detective foxy of brookhaven Pred 9 dnevi
Him: so what brings you to the uk Me: or should he say *wa' brings ya to the uk mate* I MEAN I GOTTA DO IT ITS HOW WE PRONOUNCE IT
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 9 dnevi
You are clearly confusing the way us Brits talk with how the Australian’s talk
Rakshana Pred 10 dnevi
Thank God you didn't flush it
Blake Mccamey
Blake Mccamey Pred 10 dnevi
Y you so mean to the uk guy??
valeriable♡ Pred 10 dnevi
That guy: all women are selfish - damn name the queen you got hurt by bro she deserves a hug
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 9 dnevi
Everyone is selfish, no one is truly selfless.
ba ba
ba ba Pred 10 dnevi
Part two: So I lost my virginity in the UK
Aldi Hidayat
Aldi Hidayat Pred 10 dnevi
Lucky that the wallet didn't got flushed.
Deweird1 YT
Deweird1 YT Pred 10 dnevi
How much u want for the wallet
Bendiksi Pred 10 dnevi
2:51 OMG why was that so indescribable?!
Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda Pred 10 dnevi
Hey if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Sweep Pred 11 dnevi
Patriarchy pockets.
Christine Zhang
Christine Zhang Pred 11 dnevi
Yeah soooo SOMEONE NEEDS to fix the tiny women Jean pocket!😡
CJDinoRex Pred 11 dnevi
To play Pokémon go
Ally Y
Ally Y Pred 11 dnevi
I phone * located wiedo *
Ace Adams
Ace Adams Pred 11 dnevi
if a wallet can survive being in the toilet, it can survive running through the washing machine, so i would have just run it through the washing machine.
Sebastian Lewis
Sebastian Lewis Pred 11 dnevi
I'm wondering why Jaiden didn't Flushed the toilet
boo453 Pred 8 dnevi
it wouldn't have gone down if she had
George Bacon (Bacon Sandwich)
George Bacon (Bacon Sandwich) Pred 11 dnevi
Jaiden: "I only serve what is ripe and in season" Also Jaiden: "So I peed on my wallet"
kaden hetrick
kaden hetrick Pred 11 dnevi
your really good at animating Jaiden I like how much flow and stuff there is and ik this is a pretty old vid but still
Questionable Entity
Questionable Entity Pred 11 dnevi
4:49 What woman broke his heart? Lol
khalid farah
khalid farah Pred 11 dnevi
So you didn't flushed?
Undying Star
Undying Star Pred 11 dnevi
Does that mean that Jaiden doesn't flush the toilet ..
Henry Avery
Henry Avery Pred 11 dnevi
Agon Hajdari
Agon Hajdari Pred 11 dnevi
anyone else saw virginity at number 2?
BioGamer Productions
BioGamer Productions Pred 11 dnevi
I never knew the UK could have nice guys
Trí Vĩ Lương
Trí Vĩ Lương Pred 11 dnevi
4:35 sus
minecraftrobloxgamer5000 Pred 11 dnevi
lonelyPorterCH Pred 11 dnevi
Good luck it wasn't flushed^^
GalaxyNation Pred 12 dnevi
Using a wallet thats been peed on, real sus, Jaiden
Woodymama Plays
Woodymama Plays Pred 12 dnevi
Jpow Jaiden`s peeded on wallet
Yicheng Li
Yicheng Li Pred 12 dnevi
thunk is not a word XD
Sunflower_Summer09 Pred 12 dnevi
I have invisalign too
DogLover Pred 12 dnevi
I Live in uk And one of the only good things is free health care 😂 I love accents
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 9 dnevi
Everything in the UK is arguably better than any other country on earth
Jude , is fan of kirbo .
Jude , is fan of kirbo . Pred 12 dnevi
Wait , you lost ya wallet in the toilet but it was still in there so you didn’t …..flush ?
sleimi 47
sleimi 47 Pred 12 dnevi
wait you did not flush the toilet
Gold Speed
Gold Speed Pred 12 dnevi
I live in uk
Skye Pred 12 dnevi
You totally met a neckbeard in the UK line
Pred 12 dnevi
KayAechBee Pred 12 dnevi
So Jaiden leaves smear marks. That's pleasent to know.
Monkey042 Pred 12 dnevi
Pretty sure the guy at the airport had some sort of neurological disability
이송현 Pred 12 dnevi
3:47 Good news because you didn't pooped at it
John Ashmore
John Ashmore Pred 13 dnevi
Why was this not called why I peeed on my wallet
Nightwatcher Pred 13 dnevi
This is where I wonder how tf did UK guy get on anime intro
Rayleigh Pred 13 dnevi
don't UK toilets not have the water up that high or is it just where I'm visiting at where its only in the pipe out
Rayleigh Pred 9 dnevi
@Darth Vader yeah i was just pointing out the animation error
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 9 dnevi
We don’t have it high here because it’s a waste of water
EpicNooBoi The boi
EpicNooBoi The boi Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like she is calm Everytime
Willow Wolf - The Dumb Genshin Lover🏳️‍🌈
Willow Wolf - The Dumb Genshin Lover🏳️‍🌈 Pred 13 dnevi
*so i pissed on my walle-*
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