Being the Best/Worst Ever

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life, amirite?

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Ruth Miller
Ruth Miller Pred 2 urami
My name being what it is, the opening of this video shook me.
bruh Pred 5 urami
Thank you Jaiden... I needed this xD U really thought me a really great life lesson !
Otis Shroulote
Otis Shroulote Pred 11 urami
Everything she does does NOT look like shiii-
Elai Gamer
Elai Gamer Pred 19 urami
have you seen the Endigo remix? its awesome
Brody Shaffer
Brody Shaffer Pred dnevom
You and James front theodds1out inspired me to spend my money on a drawing tablet and a Apple pen so I can make animations😁
Kiksterfly Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you whoever made the subtitles
Loubana Alkatranji
Loubana Alkatranji Pred 2 dnevi
This helped me way more than anything else I’ve heard in my life.. new therapy
faadil cm
faadil cm Pred 2 dnevi
Purple is actually my favourite color :)
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง Pred 2 dnevi
Do you have us or not offensive to me because I like the color purple
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง Pred 2 dnevi
Do you know years old
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง
ปนิดา ขําบางยาง Pred 2 dnevi
How dare you say to mine kind you don't want me some chess yeah man you also like the color purple
tastergames Pred 3 dnevi
Notice no ads in the video bc 9:59
NeonValkyrie Pred 3 dnevi
I have a question. So I improve myself not for others, but for myself. I think. See, I improve myself so I can be proud and happy with my own success, but at the same time, I do it to impress others. I want to be a person that others think positively of, and I’ve experienced no greater feeling than someone being genuinely impressed with me. Is this a toxic mindset?
Carrie Poulter
Carrie Poulter Pred 3 dnevi
Ggggggggggggggg you can come get up early if I can help with my help for you to come help you help with help help for you to come home or do
Carrie Poulter
Carrie Poulter Pred 3 dnevi
Izzy Pred 3 dnevi
*Agressive dabbing intensifies*
Tyler L.
Tyler L. Pred 3 dnevi
I love Bo Burnham. His new special inside was awesome. I also love Jaiden's videos as well. It's amazing to see other peoples beautiful talents.
Nik I think
Nik I think Pred 4 dnevi
8:52 ham
Calyn Brewer
Calyn Brewer Pred 4 dnevi
Thank you I was terrible at drawing But you made me believe in myself thank you.
DeMattMorency Pred 5 dnevi
It's a nuanced and personal topic. Comparison to others is bad, but being inspired by others is good. Pushing yourself to achieve is good, but not to the detriment of your health mental, emotional, or physical. Setting goals is important to avoid stagnation, but tuning those goals into something that is a stretch yet reasonable is important. Just as important is setting a bonkers goal every once in a while just to break through your perceived limitations. Growth is hard. The timing is never when we want. We don't get to choose where we're planted. We won't grow as tall or give as much shade or be as pretty or bear as much fruit as some other plants. We will often outpace others in those same categories. What's important is that we always reach for the sun.
Red rice
Red rice Pred 5 dnevi
I love drawing, but I’m okay at it… but I bet I’mma do drawing a lot more
Harlee Haught
Harlee Haught Pred 5 dnevi
I'm 10 now and when I was 9 I painted my walls purple Because it was my favorite color but now since I'm 10 My favorite color is now blue and purple is my least Favorite color 👍😑
Shinji ikari
Shinji ikari Pred 5 dnevi
4:29 i would actually say the box one would be harder lol
Unreasonable Comedy
Unreasonable Comedy Pred 5 dnevi
I don't know why but I have this innate ability to change my personality depending on the person im with Like normally, people change their personality for people But my personality changes me depending on the person And I do this extremely easily
AlistNOOB Pred 6 dnevi
i suck at godbridging in minecraft i can only do 2 blocks :(
LeoAnimations Pred 6 dnevi
Nah 2:58 still suck
River-Jewel Rasheed
River-Jewel Rasheed Pred 7 dnevi
soooo you hate blue
Zepptro Pred 7 dnevi
I love how jaiden is caring not racist or homophobic and makes important self care to make us take care of us and remind us no one is perfect and turns it into a fun skit and teaching us self care and self love
Some Random Garbage7485
Some Random Garbage7485 Pred 7 dnevi
My walls were blue for 13 years, they were painted that color based on my eye color. But the only problem is I didn’t like blue; I liked purple and red while growing up, but I was stuck in blue until I moved out and painted my walls a different color. I forever because of my childhood walls hate blue
RaptorBladez Pred 7 dnevi
no one me: hmm i dont know how this looks what do you think/ friend: well you could make the eyes a little bigger me: what how dare you ''dab'' i dont ''dab'' need you ''dab'' in my ''dab'' life
BraydenTBH Pred 7 dnevi
0:43🎵 no its not its all over the place 🎵
Melina Lam
Melina Lam Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: "Because people who like purple are freaks!!!" Better not look down at your pfp then Jaiden
Dee MatMok
Dee MatMok Pred 7 dnevi
‘Are we supposed to be proud of ourselves or not?’ Yesn’t
gaem Pred 8 dnevi
you are rude am not freak
Tori Fjeldstad
Tori Fjeldstad Pred 8 dnevi
Who else saw the gotteem on the back of the paper
zomzomino Pred 8 dnevi
Animationtails Pred 9 dnevi
Shade Legends
Shade Legends Pred 9 dnevi
when I watched this two years ago, I didn’t even know who Bo was! haha :)
Circus Baby
Circus Baby Pred 9 dnevi
I do stuff just for let people see that what they think abowt me (that people think in not doo anything and im a faliure at one point they give me no 1 bit 2 psicologist)
KittyGamer543 Pred 9 dnevi
4:02 I’m gonna try and draw a jaiden stick figure
:) Smiles
:) Smiles Pred 9 dnevi
6:28 PAUSE!!! IT's important!! dsgbbshdjmgxbhjnbfhjesbdfhjesNBEDfhjfnbeshjzdfnbrhzsndvfghsdgfbxheesndbhfngebsdhfnbshdnfbeshkdngfbehsjdngbfhensdhewjdsgfbhjwesgrfbkdhjzgfbeehjdfbkzsdjfhsejdfhrnfehjgdfbhrndbGotcha'
Dusan Obradovic
Dusan Obradovic Pred 9 dnevi
im so confused after this video lol 8:20 is basically the whole video lolololol
weebnometor Pred 9 dnevi
Why is this me
Shadow Panther
Shadow Panther Pred 9 dnevi
That allmight jaiden is the best thing I’ve seen in a while.
Saifuu Suri
Saifuu Suri Pred 10 dnevi
Boy I'd be shocked if I knew who any of those socio- I mean cocky douchebags were. Seriously who are those guys?
Cosmiccookie23 Pred 10 dnevi
when you think about it, the fact that someone with one leg made it past the 2 & 3 is kinda insane
CoolKids Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks I told this advice to everyone I know edit:you have 10.4m subs you have gone to vid con I got your merch your epic use your advice on you to your great 😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
IDKArts Pred 10 dnevi
As soon as the piano montage starte -- NERDS!
Olivia Césaire Lee
Olivia Césaire Lee Pred 10 dnevi
I like purple
Naruen Pred 10 dnevi
Ya know when i was watching this vid as a 10 year old i was like "hmm i liked the video" Now i compare myself to everything, my body, my grades everything I have very low self esteem as well
delusional fusional
delusional fusional Pred 10 dnevi
I have to disagree with some of your points on pressuring yourself. Some people genuinely thrive under pressure and sometimes it’s worth the suffering. From grade school to high school I pressured myself ceaselessly and it was miserable, but it was a recipe for success. I started college credit courses by 14 and I’m on my way to law school, there’s a reason the saying blood, sweat, and tears exist.
SPOOPY waluigi time boiz
SPOOPY waluigi time boiz Pred 11 dnevi
Imposter syndrome ayo...
Adrian Benson
Adrian Benson Pred 11 dnevi
Be careful about pushing yourself. I have practiced singing so much that I've exhausted my voice. I haven't been able to sing for a couple weeks and I'm worried it's permanent. I chased my passion so hard and at such a high intensity that I may have lost it in the process.
The Progressive American
The Progressive American Pred 11 dnevi
Funny thing about the color story, one time my brother and I were sitting at the dinner table and our parents asked us what our favorite colors were. I said red and then he said the same. Well, I got it into my head that this was unacceptable and told him, "your favorite color can't be red, my color is red. Yours is green." Instead of objecting, he agreed and his room is literally all green now and I think he internalized it enough to the point where he genuinely likes it. Not sure what that means, but I am pretty sure that was the last time he listened to me. Ever.
Raquel B
Raquel B Pred 12 dnevi
I think I'm dieing 😭
Ҝㄩ尺ㄖ Pred 12 dnevi
Jaiden: PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS Me: I guess I'm a freak now (like always)
heyy Pred 12 dnevi
the references in the bo clip are so fun to spot
Lozango Barbosa
Lozango Barbosa Pred 12 dnevi
2:00 *sus*
Tammy Martinez
Tammy Martinez Pred 12 dnevi
The magnificent eyeliner electrophysiologically radiate because porter connolly flap over a average population. obtainable, tacit january
jolyn constantine
jolyn constantine Pred 12 dnevi
Out of all the episodes in sponge bob I remember the "Gary explodes" one
I am you are
I am you are Pred 12 dnevi
I like purpol
JaysVlog Pred 12 dnevi
I love this channel
Bob The Bean
Bob The Bean Pred 12 dnevi
cool video
Unnaturallyweird Pred 13 dnevi
Like, Jaiden should be a therapist, but I know that she is a full-time animator and being atherapist while making animations can be a pain, so maybe not. But these videos.. OMG These videos are super cool! Thanks Jaiden for being on SLus!
Cooper Frendo
Cooper Frendo Pred 13 dnevi
Jaiden| like the people that set really unrealistic goals for them selfs but when they fail they get cut so deep they think of there worth in the world zodiac signs| CAPRICORN
Autumn Bryant
Autumn Bryant Pred 13 dnevi
Why is the video me in 9 minutes and 59 seconds? Why
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber Pred 13 dnevi
Why is no one talking about how obsessed that guy was with Bo. He collected his baby teeth and hair and summoned demons to try to make him like Bo.
Payton Reid(ST)
Payton Reid(ST) Pred 11 dnevi
I just know noticed that that was bo burnham and my face lit up so much. I've been obsessed with Inside for months.
Jack Spedicy2
Jack Spedicy2 Pred 13 dnevi
somone: man, i am trying but not self-improving enough me: if youre self-improving... just -buy a house- read wikipedia... duh [BREAKING NEWS: SELF LOATHING DROPS TO 0%]
Bethany Ledbetter
Bethany Ledbetter Pred 13 dnevi
my walls are pink help im 10
Dragon  tube
Dragon tube Pred 13 dnevi
0:38 My name is mason!
AlvinOwO Pred 13 dnevi
My favorite color is purple
Joseph King
Joseph King Pred 13 dnevi
Ah, the tree branches. I’m currently stuck on the *Everybody hates me and they don’t actually like me* branch
Jan Lukas
Jan Lukas Pred 14 dnevi
So I'm pretty good at maths and did not that bad in several competitions but at some point I went to a math camp for people like me and even though I have a close friend who's at least as good at math as I am that's when I realized that I am not special because there were 300 people like me in one place there but I'm still really good at maths so after some time I realized you don't need to be the best when you're already really good
Gaming at its Finest
Gaming at its Finest Pred 14 dnevi
8:30 ah yes. Ghost book
Lay Samimonita
Lay Samimonita Pred 14 dnevi
6:28 we just got played
*<itzbella>* Pred 14 dnevi
3:31 is uhm yes just yes
God Pred 14 dnevi
3:31 Why Isn't Shaggy a Demon God? And Why Does He Look So Funkin' Depressed?
AutumnLeafOfficial Pred 14 dnevi
Naviel TV
Naviel TV Pred 14 dnevi
Naviel TV
Naviel TV Pred 14 dnevi
Werner Rs
Werner Rs Pred 14 dnevi
Is this always here?
Úlfur Flosi Mirruson
Úlfur Flosi Mirruson Pred 14 dnevi
b but i like purple am i a freak
Caitlin Clark
Caitlin Clark Pred 14 dnevi
i love that jaiden spends a good amount of time yelling at a baby for not being better than van Gough.
miguel minecraft
miguel minecraft Pred 15 dnevi
did i just saw a monster hunter fanart cuz im having great ideas of the armor jaidens wearing: Armor: Ari plated set lol
ARgamer Pred 15 dnevi
A good way to say it is don't just think about your failures or successes, take both into account and you'll be ok plz tell me if this is wrong and I'll take it down
ARgamer Pred dnevom
@Anand Yasheswi thx
Anand Yasheswi
Anand Yasheswi Pred 14 dnevi
Bro, this not wrong . And if it was , no one will care (except if u r a SLusr,then that's a different story)
Emily LaRock
Emily LaRock Pred 15 dnevi
“People who like purple are FREAKS” uh oh I gotta get outta here!
Nameless Navnløs
Nameless Navnløs Pred 15 dnevi
Jaiden: "Hindsight is 20/20." Everyone from the future: **Violently shudders**
Simren Kaur
Simren Kaur Pred 8 dnevi
ahhh I was looking for this comment
Sage Pred 15 dnevi
Advice for people struggling with this issue both ways. Don’t put your identity in things around you! Not sports, art, skills.
Bugeatsbeans Pred 15 dnevi
4:17 That. Is. Terrifying.
Choco_ Lizzi
Choco_ Lizzi Pred 15 dnevi
When u finally know who bo is 2 years after this was posted. F*** YES!
A disappointed kapi
A disappointed kapi Pred 15 dnevi
3:43 And that’s how Jason found out about bdsm
TooRed Roblox
TooRed Roblox Pred 16 dnevi
himawari oooo danteeeeeeeee
mahika nellore madhu
mahika nellore madhu Pred 16 dnevi
"It's like falling off a tree." It's like when everyone expects you to be super smart but then peer pressure kind of destroys everything with "keep the role or you'll be the dumbest person alive" sort of thing. Ya feel me?
Funny video guy
Funny video guy Pred 9 dnevi
I have an innocent personality, but my friends admittedly put too much thought into that aspect of me and are like "if you see anything remotely cursed, you will die of fear"
Úlfur Flosi Mirruson
Úlfur Flosi Mirruson Pred 14 dnevi
yes i feel you (gets nightmares) (jk)
undersc0re Pred 16 dnevi
2:00 sus!
wude Pred 16 dnevi
2:12 wait, people used imposter back then? its a joke chill
N L Pred 16 dnevi
I need to return to this video from time to time, because… THIS IS SO ME!!! Thank you, Jaiden! 😊
Maryjeanstar Pred 16 dnevi
I like this person this person is worth subscribing to
Flamingo 009
Flamingo 009 Pred 17 dnevi
I think the thing I fear (and many other people) fear the most is that you should always improve yourself, constantly, the reason why I don’t celebrate an achievement is because I feel I don’t deserve to celebrate it and it’ll make me a complete and utter douchebag, even IF I’m really proud of myself, I can only enjoy this feeling for a few seconds before I tell myself “ok. That’s way too much, it’s not really anything, move on” because this sense of, not passing off achievements? But just being casual about it makes you seem like a more level headed person? I don’t know I see more praise towards people who don’t make a “big deal” out of their achievements so that may be why I do the same. Also, funny thing is when I watched this I had no idea what any of this actually meant, then a few months ago I realized that I actually don’t know who I am and I imagine other beings in my mind that I have no control over that act like me but aren’t? They’re the embodiment of things I want to be, but because I can never be them, they constantly torture me in my mind
Lord Voidfiger
Lord Voidfiger Pred 17 dnevi
Nice video interesting dragon ball reference
Starryu __
Starryu __ Pred 17 dnevi
every so often when i’m reading watching jaiden videos i come back to this video and i forget about the bo burnham shrine and it catches me off guard lmao
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