I Attempted a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

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Jaiden Animations

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thanks for watching :)

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Thank you for watching the videos, this year was rough for a lot of reasons but despite everything all your support really helped me end mine on a positive note. I'm very greatful for all the people around me be it the team, my friends, and whoever enjoys the videos, and I'm excited about what we can achieve this next year :)

deva kumar
deva kumar Pred uro
Sundar Rai
Sundar Rai Pred uro
Rip pokemons
karrlie Drewett
karrlie Drewett Pred 2 urami
There can only be one versus one and a pony going to cook your only best friend and pony going to is your best friend
bloxergamer Pred 2 urami
did the thingy of the two happen (the split) if so im going to get it
Rosalya Maria
Rosalya Maria Pred 2 urami
The another jaiden is make me Sad Bc be Lost i wish i could help him win so It be a happy ending
Kawai Pred 3 urami
I saw your first video and I am a fan of poke him on too.
Aron Lopez
Aron Lopez Pred 3 urami
She should try a fire red nuzlock
TheArdrielb Pred 4 urami
No Nonononononononononononononononononon
Gamer Haven
Gamer Haven Pred 4 urami
that ending was sad not gonna lie
Ronallen Leano
Ronallen Leano Pred 4 urami
RockinSwifty Pred 4 urami
And immediately after watching the first Nuzlocke video, I am simply left in shock with this one. I didn't have any idea what happend at that point of no return. I don't play Pokemon, and I don't really do gaming challenges, but once I got to the part about Bertha, I started to suspect what happened. Still, it took a look through the comments to be certain. You did a great job, Jaiden, and every last one of those Pokemon would have been proud of you. Jaiden would too. If we let our minds get overwhelmed what should or could have been, then it makes the future dark, making it impossible for us to move forward. It's easy to look back and think that you didn't deserve it while the wounds are just being bandaged, but the wounds heal, the scars tell a teriffic story, and in time they'll heal completely. Great job, once again! You earned this, and your storytelling really took this one to the house. Thank you so much for sharing!
Samuel Ryan Japson
Samuel Ryan Japson Pred 5 urami
Salute for failure we will remember you little guy
Iplaycringe_games Pred 6 urami
after so long i counted how many times you said pokemon and any pokemon's name and the total is 101 times
Liam doin’ something
Liam doin’ something Pred 6 urami
“Local weirdo finds slug on the side of the road, legally adopts it and wholeheartedly considers it her child” Ticker, December 2020
Daniel Taugner
Daniel Taugner Pred 6 urami
Can you make a Video about monotyp Challenge
Strictly for Fun
Strictly for Fun Pred 7 urami
The distortion world scene was so weird and that doesn't actually happen which is confusing
Strictly for Fun
Strictly for Fun Pred 6 urami
@Kinzie Witt o
Kinzie Witt
Kinzie Witt Pred 6 urami
She lost her first run in the E4, but her chat voted for a retry, so she made a story with it and that's what the flashbacks were
Aricera Pred 8 urami
ily jaiden no homo pls keep making content
Fluminox5284 -
Fluminox5284 - Pred 8 urami
Merkava solos 💀💀💀🚬🚬🚬
MoutainDew Pred 9 urami
Damn the ending hits kinda hard o-o
Adrics Adventures
Adrics Adventures Pred 9 urami
I like shrimp
Adrics Adventures
Adrics Adventures Pred 9 urami
I like Pokémon milk
LoganHarold Logan
LoganHarold Logan Pred 9 urami
LoganHarold Logan
LoganHarold Logan Pred 9 urami
Put this at the slowest speed
LoganHarold Logan
LoganHarold Logan Pred 9 urami
Chavo167 Pred 10 urami
The pog face
Void satas
Void satas Pred 10 urami
Ok so basically jaiden went all doomslayer because of squoops death. Nice.
infrn0 ._.
infrn0 ._. Pred 11 urami
try a randomized nuzlocke it is very fun. trust me. i havnt been trying to beat my 8th run of diamond
jcbendy1025 Pred 11 urami
2:03 its sawnick (sonic) guys
Erica Sawyer
Erica Sawyer Pred 11 urami
New to the channel love the video and personality 😄😊 idk why your voice reminds me of the girl play captain marvel
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Pred 11 urami
So I wonder what Pokemon game Jaiden is going to do this year for a Nuzlocke?
Amanda Sons
Amanda Sons Pred 11 urami
Jaiden:oh scary clone Me:are you saying L O R E
Audra Hill
Audra Hill Pred 12 urami
so......we not gonna talk about buff and idioof?
deletəd Pred 13 urami
Shinx is actually good if you know how to use em
Riot YT
Riot YT Pred 14 urami
Do another nuzlocke! Pls
EcoThunderHQ Pred 14 urami
21:56 i legit cried at that part
rylie hunter
rylie hunter Pred 15 urami
to be fair i think failure wanted you to have revenge by killing squoop
blåhaj Pred 15 urami
the saddest death in my opinion was failure, poor kitty
oarabile Kobe-Mortimer
oarabile Kobe-Mortimer Pred 16 urami
Can you please make a Pokémon shield or sword another Nas lock
The funny Four
The funny Four Pred 16 urami
Wow that was-- ah wow - deep -- that last part?? 😅
Brian Rodríguez
Brian Rodríguez Pred 16 urami
Luigi mansion pro!
Luigi mansion pro! Pred 16 urami
jollymations Pred 16 urami
do more of these, can you make one of x and y og sword and shield
Kaiya Baker
Kaiya Baker Pred 17 urami
Why did she sacrifice failure? He was no failure He’s so cute
The Raging Fire
The Raging Fire Pred 17 urami
5:30 rip
RyEzzK Pred 19 urami
Ok, how have I not fond you in the about 1 year I have been watching SLus?
Manfred Gutierrez
Manfred Gutierrez Pred 19 urami
That thing was made by Satan itself hahahaha
H̶a̷r̵p̵y̷k̸i̸n̴s̵ ̷�̴�̵
H̶a̷r̵p̵y̷k̸i̸n̴s̵ ̷�̴�̵ Pred 19 urami
12:08 literally epic
Maria Fe Theresa Petallana
Maria Fe Theresa Petallana Pred 20 urami
10:26 salute to u :(
Macha dragon II
Macha dragon II Pred 20 urami
This was simply beautiful and after I kinda wish I wachted the original stream to understand it fully
Jade Jacobs
Jade Jacobs Pred 20 urami
you made me get all emotional for you and your Pokemon in a game I've never played and will never play I love how you make these animations, the stories, the scripts are amazing and I know I'm new here and this is a stupid comment but I'm glad we all inspire you!!!!
Priyanshumann Singh
Priyanshumann Singh Pred 21 uro
Idk why but I really like this❣️
Mhneto2007 Pred 21 uro
Jaiden: we won against tht garchomp!!!! Also Jaiden: pure sadness and philosophy
mr nike hd
mr nike hd Pred 22 urami
this is sad 😕😕😕
Kavitha Balu
Kavitha Balu Pred 23 urami
I love yes video
badal sharma
badal sharma Pred 23 urami
Can you please do another nuzlock
coza yuri
coza yuri Pred dnevom
Watching this made me really want to play pearl again XD
golden freddy
golden freddy Pred dnevom
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin Pred dnevom
Jaiden this sad 😔 and rest in peace your hard work
Elena Kreišmonaitė
Elena Kreišmonaitė Pred dnevom
LAURA CAUSIN Pred dnevom
ayo whos candice
Acen Wu
Acen Wu Pred dnevom
Acen Wu
Acen Wu Pred dnevom
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin Pred dnevom
M@rk : uh nvm be me😑:) :) :)
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin Pred dnevom
Jaiden :u-uh YEAH
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin
M@rk R@niel 202 (corrupted dark assassin Pred dnevom
Lady cynthia: egg? :)
Altyxe Pred dnevom
This had to be the most lit animation I've ever seen. Like the glitches for the elite four and giratina. AMAZING!!
Librado Mendoza
Librado Mendoza Pred dnevom
I love garchomp 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Joren Hinacay
Joren Hinacay Pred dnevom
What gyrados can use fire blast I just know
Bon2 BDS
Bon2 BDS Pred dnevom
This legit made me cry.
_Sofiya_Games_ Pred dnevom
Gambare Gambare
Gambare Gambare Pred dnevom
The absolute fear on failures face when you sent it out, honestly heart breaking-
Kitty Rock
Kitty Rock Pred dnevom
Who else’s heart physically hurt seeing Failure’s terrified face before he was killed? 🥺😭
Denis Lopez Arduengo
Denis Lopez Arduengo Pred dnevom
She didn’t actually beat the nuzlocke in the live but chat told her to retry it hence why she “didn’t deserve it” because her other version failed
Zyannah Cruz
Zyannah Cruz Pred dnevom
Zyannah Cruz
Zyannah Cruz Pred dnevom
Neymar Salmeron 2
Neymar Salmeron 2 Pred dnevom
I've never done a nuzlock and it's better than the real pokemon show
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred dnevom
It feels like god reduced my vision range and increased my blure
Tylers Dad
Tylers Dad Pred dnevom
That ending was amazing
winindows dows
winindows dows Pred dnevom
I get nightmares about Giratina
Zack and Blue
Zack and Blue Pred dnevom
He need some milk man
Zack and Blue
Zack and Blue Pred dnevom
Dean nooooooppoooooo
Evan Mach
Evan Mach Pred dnevom
Dang this video has 1M likes
Jessica Della Fave
Jessica Della Fave Pred dnevom
15:09 Red from Among Us wants to know your location.
your average newbie youtuber
your average newbie youtuber Pred dnevom
i dont have good memories of the pokemon Frostlass. 😳
Pranav Karun
Pranav Karun Pred dnevom
I love eevee i wish that You evolving eevee in two Embryon
Thomas Tellström
Thomas Tellström Pred dnevom
Can u do a only shiny pokemon nuzlocke
ivancrafter 100
ivancrafter 100 Pred dnevom
Hey Jaiden you should do a pokemon sword nuzlock
Stephen Moran
Stephen Moran Pred dnevom
that ending was so dark omg
Julian P
Julian P Pred dnevom
That little failure animation before it died made me genuinely feel sad
D Mac
D Mac Pred dnevom
I hate seeing almost all of the pokemon die in the end. THE CYNTHIA BATTLE WAS INTENSE!
The Dragpokemals Show
The Dragpokemals Show Pred dnevom
can you do a pokemon fire red nuzlocke
Ana alicia Truijllo
Ana alicia Truijllo Pred dnevom
Sebastian Villela
Sebastian Villela Pred dnevom
Cynthia: Sents out her Garchomp The half of Jaiden team: *My time has come*
XP Wolf
XP Wolf Pred dnevom
Jaiden:i would like a plush of porygon 2 world:kill sqooop jaiden:nooooo sqooop me:kill sqooops brother me:oops
Terri Gish
Terri Gish Pred dnevom
That confetti is made out of Cynthia's last Pokemon
Pixie Pred dnevom
what a sad ending
Gulamera Pred dnevom
Make more video like this
Arthur Lorente
Arthur Lorente Pred dnevom
I cried three times watching this wtf
MystXD123 Pred dnevom
I like how no one is talking about 21:07 to the end of the vid. i am still kinda confusion, is it a lore she made is it the game's lore. idk :/
Video Shortening Galactic Lobster
Video Shortening Galactic Lobster Pred dnevom
Wait how did she get Scizor I thought you can only evolve Scyther from trading?
Harshakaminda Harsha
Harshakaminda Harsha Pred dnevom
Sooo, Did you already felt that way or was that just part of the game?
Coolio Robles
Coolio Robles Pred 2 dnevi
I wouldn't have done the retry. Better to accept defeat than a hollow victory.
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