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does this make me dumb :(

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Kirgo Pred 4 urami
So nice of her brother to write the wall of text.
Lily Sbano
Lily Sbano Pred 4 urami
Once again you brought back my childhood. I used to read geronimo Stilton all the time when I was little. It was my favorite series. Rn my favorite is wings of fire, and I know u ain't gonna read it, but I must say its amazing. They might make it into a Netflix series soon as well if your interesred
TurokRevolution Pred 8 urami
I actually quite like reading now that I think about it. But only if it's something I care about, like something based on a game, movie or show. I like reading stories that get released chapter by chapter even more than if it would be released complete. I have difficulties starting a book as I feel like I'm forced to read it as fast as possible because I don't want to start a new book before I finished the last one. It's the same for shows too, that's why I don't watch a lot of them. Ironically, that's not the case for games, I don't know why. As for music or other stuff in the background: I'd rather just have silence or something fitting. For example, I was reading the Crysis books (from the Crysis games) and had the soundtracks of the games in the background to get in the right mood. But I'm really bad at doing two things at once, music is alright but SLus or Twitch just distracts me as I would give them more attention than what I should actually focus on. Most of the time I hate having things in the background just for the sake of it.
AnimalBuddies Eli
AnimalBuddies Eli Pred 8 urami
Shane Waid
Shane Waid Pred 12 urami
How did reading go from:"John ate lunch" To:"John ate a sandwich for breakfast,brushed his teeth and then he ate a burger for lunch as he went outside and noticed he lived on a patch of land surrounded by a border,this was a serious deal.He wanted to live on a big piece of land,so he moved to the U.S."
CRAFTY CLAWS Pred 14 urami
I like reading cat warriors and wings of fire. But other books no I only really like comics and graffic novels
Cameron Fart
Cameron Fart Pred 15 urami
Eragon is a good book you should read
Player Pred 15 urami
Gachawerido Pred 16 urami
I think readings decent but if I’m forced to then 💀
Leann Kong
Leann Kong Pred 19 urami
I lovvvve reading, my favorite series is Survivors by Erin Hunter
XRealSheep Pred dnevom
When i was six i read a twohundred page book.
Samantha Loo
Samantha Loo Pred dnevom
jaiden:I don't like reading also her :make a video about her having a favourite book
Derek McCluskey
Derek McCluskey Pred dnevom
When I graduated I decided never to read a book again. I was free. Free from boring words squished together on small paper. I just don't enjoy it. When I attempt to read I get either sleepy or get a headache and my eyes strain. I only read graphic novels and manga now. They have pictures so you don't have to imagine a setting and the talk bubbles are short. Some manga's especially online ones they print the picture as big as your device. So if I wanna read on my laptop its really disorientating and kind of claustrophobic I recommend cell phone or tablet.
Neri's Joy
Neri's Joy Pred dnevom
I had the opposite time with prescribed readings, it was pretty much the easiest part of school because I loved reading so much. I wouldn't actually prepare for exams or anything with practice essays or etc, I'd just read the book a few times and be decent from having the whole thing basically memorised. I still re-read them today, a lot were very cool and genres I wouldn't have likely touched otherwise (e.g. Shakespeare, Lord of the Flies)
Aziz Mascote
Aziz Mascote Pred dnevom
“He plays Mario Maker” 👌🏼
Dasneakypancake Pred dnevom
Ocean Breeze Dianna💎
Ocean Breeze Dianna💎 Pred dnevom
I hate reading but I like the photos 😂😅😧
Emily Davis
Emily Davis Pred dnevom
Would you be interested in a podcast I’m doing? It’s just me reading a story I’ve been writing for a while.
OMEGA10 TGC Pred dnevom
The buhga reference
Scarlett Kilty
Scarlett Kilty Pred dnevom
Yoy shoukd read the tom hates books theu are full of picturez
Mayumi #OnTheWayTo400
Mayumi #OnTheWayTo400 Pred dnevom
2:37 not the scarlet letter- Ajajjskanskwnsns I read it and I actually liked it-
galaxy kitty chan
galaxy kitty chan Pred 2 dnevi
I have like thousands of cats and no dog and no birds bc when I go to a dog or a bird it make my body shiver and red.and pls stop saying cats allergy and I hate cats and I am not going into a dog or a bird my friend have a husky and a 4 love birds she grabs me to them even if I say I have allergy she grabs me. jaiden if you are allergic to cats then why are showing cats bad cats are the cutest Thing in the world and dogs ect if you hate cats I hate you were my fav SLusr now not.i am not a hater.and I am just like you you know I don't want dog allergy or bird allergy..:/
Abhi Prasad
Abhi Prasad Pred 2 dnevi
I used to like reading as a kid, then had no interest from like 13-26. But reading is fun again, probably because finding a good story is fun and More relaxing. But I get it. Reading has been associated with school forever lol I had to train myself to read for enjoyment
🌸 Pastel_Pixel🌸
🌸 Pastel_Pixel🌸 Pred 2 dnevi
I like reading books of my choice...but I hate reading for school... luckily i do this online program school where you can highlight the text that you want read to you and it'll READ IT TO YOU, M8
Juliette Palomaki
Juliette Palomaki Pred 2 dnevi
Wait wait jaiden you read warriors YAY I’m a warrior fan
Weird things I just post
Weird things I just post Pred 2 dnevi
Look she is right reading can be as addicting as SLus, but people hate it when they are forced to do it. I only like reading when I read what I want
Kaden Swinning
Kaden Swinning Pred 2 dnevi
Daniel H.
Daniel H. Pred 2 dnevi
Over these past few months I have come to know very well the struggles described at the beginning of this video. Please help me. :(
Mrs. Squeakers
Mrs. Squeakers Pred 2 dnevi
I hate reading books, but listening to books is better. However I still hatevsome books, however I really likes to kill a mocking bird
JJ Pred 2 dnevi
I was the exact same. it immediately becomes boring when you're forced to do it. I always felt bad because my dad was like "why dont you read anymore?? you used to love it" but I couldn't help it. it was just boring and I could never stick with it ...yet for SOME reason I cant get enough of online reading?? like im obsessed with romance novels, but it has to be online. if it isnt I cant read it. I spend hours online reading but my dad says it "doesn't count" when I mention it
Alexandru Vasile
Alexandru Vasile Pred 2 dnevi
This is litterly me now , im 13 🤣
Liam Madry
Liam Madry Pred 2 dnevi
Based off the stuff you said dog man is perfect it has pics funny story and not many word's
-BLANK8000- Pred 3 dnevi
I'm reading that book is school it's called animal farm XD
Spuntheory Pred 3 dnevi
I now conclude jaiden is a furry as seen in the background at 1:06
Sheep Pred 3 dnevi
My parents think I read too much
Paula Raines
Paula Raines Pred 3 dnevi
Find a book you like. Then it's fun. Well I'm 10 on my grandma's IPad so I don't do like, read Lord of The Flies stuff.
Christian Flynn
Christian Flynn Pred 3 dnevi
I agree, thank you so much for explaining my feelings
Ayla Gamer
Ayla Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
I am I bookworm…I still like u tho Jaiden!
F1 Basti
F1 Basti Pred 3 dnevi
I also hate reading cuz it's just boring I would rather watch videos
Krystof Krajicek
Krystof Krajicek Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden: "I hate reading" Me: literally 30 % of my university grades are reading ancient literature...
11cylynt11 Pred 3 dnevi
Oh a SLusrs not known for their intelligence also dislike doing something that requires focus and high mental capacity, how relatable! Tell me more about how you don't like to do things that are mildly difficult because it's too hard for your little brain.
Tj Snow
Tj Snow Pred 3 dnevi
Ale Graziano
Ale Graziano Pred 3 dnevi
3.27: that's from ff7 there XD
Ezka Pred 3 dnevi
I honestly love english, it's my favorite school class. Because I know how to speak english. And it's the 2nd language class where we're all like "alright, just and -ing to this thing and you're done"
Salaga yikes
Salaga yikes Pred 4 dnevi
But animal farm was good.........
Wilder Uhl
Wilder Uhl Pred 4 dnevi
Shoot, last time I read for fun it was 3 days ago, and it was a math textbook, and I was very drunk.
Randomninja47 Pred 4 dnevi
I find it so hard to read these days. As a kid I would devour books but I think I ended up like you. I never read the books English assigned and I would just read whatever I wanted and then just skim the books to do the work in class. I can do the audiobooks though. Mostly because I can usually listen to them while working my mindless job. Not so much these days though.
N3k0_p14yz Pred 4 dnevi
I also love Geronimo stilton books
Jade Jacobs
Jade Jacobs Pred 4 dnevi
I love that you just have Ryukahr make cameos in your videos all the time. Also, yeah, school ruins everything it touches and parents tend to do the same (at least in my experience)...FINALLY someone says this publicly, now I don't feel so ashamed.
Kunal Bansal
Kunal Bansal Pred 4 dnevi
Hey I like Geronimo Stilton books too I have collected all the Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy whole collection
Comrade uiriamu
Comrade uiriamu Pred 4 dnevi
All the animals hade Stalin stache
Lariks Pred 4 dnevi
I liked reading before book reports came. Now I hate them
-BunBunCloudySkies- Pred 4 dnevi
I like reading. That’s all I can think to comment
Carrie Poulter
Carrie Poulter Pred 4 dnevi
It is
floating_blob Pred 4 dnevi
jaiden you must read fish in a tree it’s the best book I have ever read
Antonio Salgueiro
Antonio Salgueiro Pred 4 dnevi
I don't know I'm in 4th (like now) and I H I G H L Y D I S A G G R E I think reading is good and very helpful so Y O U ' R D E F I N I T L Y N O T H U M A N Edit: no offense but still Edit2: not a fan of animal crossing ever since I got it something just made me hate it idk what but it did so don't think about seeing a request from me.
gacha_lover Pred 4 dnevi
I like the "The World According to Humphrey" it's a good book and you might like it bc it's about a hamster
Antonio Montero
Antonio Montero Pred 4 dnevi
Animal Farm is one of my favorite books by my favorite writer :( school system must suck to ruin a book like that.
The.cool.puffie69 Pred 4 dnevi
Okay i know you said i shouldn’t rekomemd any books but- okay you wont read it
Dennis Bolambot
Dennis Bolambot Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah jaiden me to I hate ready🙃
Triosuko Blutfuchs1802L
Triosuko Blutfuchs1802L Pred 4 dnevi
I love books, they give me a chance to create my own world in my head and can to do something. I dont like the school books in germany. I do not like the boring storys in the english books, which we need to read for school.
Matias Pizarro
Matias Pizarro Pred 5 dnevi
Jaden:school shud die. me:english clases shal fall to the doom the shal be terde to shreds from the notedooxs to the hirble books the shal foleth to h I 🧹🧹 the we shal esend to cráter hights.
mrfun411 Pred 5 dnevi
That is Exactly how I feel about the scarlet letter
Thedragon lover95
Thedragon lover95 Pred 5 dnevi
To be honest, for me it was the type of books they allowed us to read,,,and no manga sadly. But there were some I was fine and eve invested with. But yeah when it comes to School...I guess I got lucky with not having it be too harsh. And plus I write fanfics and comics,,,so in a way i'm glad where I am and didn't turn out dumb. Also just because you don't like reading, dosnt make you dumb, it's something that isnt your thing and no one can tell you otherwise. Also those who read in their own time and enjoy it. Good that you can enjoy, and not being forced to.
Leo2049 Pred 5 dnevi
I couldn't agree more. As a High Schooler, its just... school ruined it for me as well. I think it's a normal opinion among young people.
Daniel Cano
Daniel Cano Pred 5 dnevi
Caitlynn Jordan
Caitlynn Jordan Pred 5 dnevi
Coming back and rewatching this because of the amount of dread my college reading assignment is giving me
darkstar52 anther acc
darkstar52 anther acc Pred 5 dnevi
HotSlurpp Pred 5 dnevi
i like reading manga
Loading Cat
Loading Cat Pred 5 dnevi
My hobby is being sad no need to say anything to me
Mr. Pengin
Mr. Pengin Pred 6 dnevi
3:55 This is actually very relatable with me when I walk into my swim practice and smell the chlorine of the pool; it immediately puts me in a bad mood.
Arya Kaiba
Arya Kaiba Pred 6 dnevi
I've fallen back on re-reading books I liked as a kid or teenager when the urge to do something besides yt/netflix/anime hits in the precious free time I have! At first I felt a little ashamed that as someone nearly 30 yrs old I was reading percy jackson or tamora pierce books but the combination of nostalgia and comfort made me get back into a reading a bit when I had put it aside as a hobby for so long! I absolutely don't think that reading itself is something everyone needs to do, but I do think that if the reason is more about negative experiences or emotions associated rather than a straight up dislike of reading itself that it can be fun to maybe try starting with things you know you've enjoyed before!
Arya Kaiba
Arya Kaiba Pred 6 dnevi
I've fallen back on re-reading books I liked as a kid or teenager when the urge to do something besides yt/netflix/anime hits in the precious free time I have! At first I felt a little ashamed that as someone nearly 30 yrs old I was reading percy jackson or tamora pierce books but the combination of nostalgia and comfort made me get back into a reading a bit when I had put it aside as a hobby for so long! I absolutely don't think that reading itself is something everyone needs to do, but I do think that if the reason is more about negative experiences or emotions associated rather than a straight up dislike of reading itself that it can be fun to maybe try starting with things you know you've enjoyed before!
Neko Pred 6 dnevi
Currently trying to read through Dracula with my girlfriend. Holy hell. Its a good book, I enjoy it...sometimes. The spoop factor is really good, and its nice creepy subtle horror without really focusing on gore like most horror now. But...others... I feel like I'm having a stroke when I'm trying to read Van Helsing's notes and letters. Just...I can't explain it. When it gets to Van Helsing's bits me and my girlfriend have to sit there and analyze the damn pages because this old philosopher dude is just talking, words are coming out, but our brains are not wrapping around the words he's saying. Its kinda put a hold on the book, but we're determined to get through it. First time in my life I can actually understand peoples dislike of reading trying to read ANYTHING pertaining to him as a character. I mean. I love how Bram Stoker was able to make it so each characters written passages seemed like they were written by other characters, but holy shit, I hate Van Helsing.
Jacksongavin2012 Pred 6 dnevi
BHUGA WON 30,000,000 USD😠
Brian Botello
Brian Botello Pred 6 dnevi
You should at least TRY to read Katt vs Dogg its full of pictures and i think that you would love it
Josh The_Thing
Josh The_Thing Pred 6 dnevi
I Don't care if you won't read it but. I suggest the green ember series!
Dundundance Pred 6 dnevi
Don't worry I hate reading too
Lilli 101
Lilli 101 Pred 6 dnevi
1:51 I can agree with that
Harley Mikkelson
Harley Mikkelson Pred 6 dnevi
Suman Choudhary
Suman Choudhary Pred 6 dnevi
Animal farm is my novel given by the school really boring means who wants to read about a rebellion
Aliki Forever
Aliki Forever Pred 6 dnevi
music isn’t a universal language? What? I cannot process such a concept music is life hmmmm…I’ll try it *goes without music for a day and dies*
OctoGamer Pred 7 dnevi
I could never cause once my mom asked me questions, and now im scared she will again
Dewi Pertiwi
Dewi Pertiwi Pred 7 dnevi
im still waiting other video
Jesika Lucero
Jesika Lucero Pred 7 dnevi
I hate school and I’m only in 3rd grade
sthakur100 Pred 7 dnevi
I read Harry potter when I was 6
A. Rustici
A. Rustici Pred 7 dnevi
This video made me smile! Great job! Thank You Jaiden! 👍😁👌‼️
DmpGaming Pred 7 dnevi
Honestly at the end when she said I was gonna tell you to recommend me a good book, you don’t even have to but I DO recommend the “wings of fire” series. Because I hated reading too and I think I did the exact same thing until I found that series. So just saying I recommend you read the prologue of the first book
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Pred 7 dnevi
my dog loves you videos he was staring at the screen the entire vid
Sakshi Khemka
Sakshi Khemka Pred 7 dnevi
1:24 I used to read Thea Stilton and I still want to read it but i have 2 books at home which I have already read so it's boring to read them again and the 1 or 2 other Thea Stilton books I have read were from my school library....which is closed because the school is closed....because there is a pandemic....I don't think I needed to tell you that but whatever. So yes I am unable to read more Thea Stilton books even though i want to. I think I want to read those 2 books which I have at home again because I read those a long time ago and I completely forgot how they end. By the way I bought those at a book store and they are: 1. Thea Stilton and the Lost Letters. 2. The Stilton and the Star Castaways.
Lu Yin
Lu Yin Pred 7 dnevi
Who’s watching in 2021
Gabi Bodrug
Gabi Bodrug Pred 7 dnevi
I just like reading mangas :)
Tina Saputra
Tina Saputra Pred 8 dnevi
Same immhalf u jaiden
Mario Star
Mario Star Pred 8 dnevi
If you want to read play Pokémon it has a lot of words
Bricks Alive
Bricks Alive Pred 8 dnevi
you should try Percy Jackson and the Olympian's
mysticalasDuck Pred 8 dnevi
I had the same problem to less of an extreme, I would read, but not what my parents told me too, like The Westing Game, which my mom also forced my to read and after a bit I lost interest in
The Critical thought
The Critical thought Pred 8 dnevi
I enjoy comics which definitely COUNT MOM! Pathetic? WHATS THAT?
Vidar Svensson
Vidar Svensson Pred 8 dnevi
Can relate with the music
Solar Void
Solar Void Pred 8 dnevi
quick flex, i used to stay up till like 3 in the morning just reading... i'd finish 100-200 page books overnight (i was in like pre-k)
Echo_Alt Pred 8 dnevi
The example of a person that likes reading at the beginning is exactly me- why do you always call me out Jaiden?
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