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JaidenAnimations the Anime Season 1 OP

Written, Produced, and Mixed by Alexander Bergil: illberg
Performed by Rainych: slus.info/done/rrf...
Translations by Datenkou: datenkou
Mixing Assistance RoomieOfficial: www.youtube.com/user/RoomieOf...
Listen to the song on all platforms! li.sten.to/JaidenRiseAbove

Atrox: AtroxChobatsu
DavidBaronArt: DavidBaronArt
Dee Helm: DeeRedHelm
Denny: 90PercentDenny
Devon: slus.info/done/ZaI...
Duckdee: duckdeeArt
Jaystarz: www.youtube.com/xjaystarzx
Motiny: slus.info/done/Him...
Pivots: www.youtube.com/user/ThePivot...
TiffanySeng: tiffanyseng_art

AntiDarkHeart: AntiDarkHeart

Sara 'Serval' Fisher: slus.info/done/cld...

Noitibmar: noitibmar

導け 星影
Can the starlight give me guidance
最後まで 戦えるように
Make a stand, ‘til we come to the end of it all
Working our way up through the dirt

Been running from myself
Thought that I could lie and weather it out
Been running on the edge
A mess now I’m coming undone

抑えた PAIN 消えない PAIN
I numb the pain, numb the pain
逆らって 咎め なんて
Fighting not to take the blame, take the blame

落ちてしまえば 君が追うのか?
If I would lose it, would you follow me falling?
Or would you even know my name, know my name?

導け 星影
Can the starlight give me guidance
最後まで 戦えるように
Make a stand ‘til we come to the end of it all
Working our way up through the dirt

決して諦めない 怯えた夜には
Never giving up the fight, though we’re haunted in the night
I’ll be staying by your side
‘Cause together we stand and we fall
We are the ones who rise above

転んだとしても 止めないと決めた
When I’ve fallen on my knees, still I’m never gonna quit
‘Cause you pull me on my feet
And together we stand and we fall
We are the ones who rise above

RISE ABOVE is free to use and will not be copyright striked or caught in content ID. Feel free to use the song for covers, background music, etc.

Thank you for all the support over the years. I'm appreciative of you who watch the videos, my family, my friends, and my team for all giving me nothing but support every step of the way. It means very much to me to be able to do what I'm doing right now.

Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations Pred 4 meseci
Thank you for all the support over the years. I'm appreciative of you who watch the videos, my family, my friends, and my team for all giving me nothing but support every step of the way. It means very much to me to be able to do what I'm doing right now. Lyrics and links to everyone who worked on this are in the description, please send them loads of appreciation as well :)
Alyaina Abidin
Alyaina Abidin Pred 3 dnevi
can you make episode two? (if you want to) Also, I LOVE IT
Duck Sin
Duck Sin Pred 7 dnevi
Wtf dis israel???
killer_goose79 any black ops zombies ee
killer_goose79 any black ops zombies ee Pred 10 dnevi
This is great good music makes me crying. I am wondering if could do a Colab?
killer_goose79 any black ops zombies ee
killer_goose79 any black ops zombies ee Pred 10 dnevi
This really great good music makes me crying. I wondering if can do a colab together?
Milkyway Pred 12 dnevi
Blob Fish
Blob Fish Pred 22 minutami
I won't forget the fact this is the only anime which ended in 1:44
theopposite Pred 4 urami
this would be a awesome anime
RandomThingsYT Pred 5 urami
ce2147 Pred 5 urami
you could have made the robot the buff rat
🎃furry the spooky dragon 👻
🎃furry the spooky dragon 👻 Pred 5 urami
The pen is mightier then the sword or maybe the pen is a sword 🗡
RockinSwifty Pred 6 urami
Okay, I'll just come out with it. When I first saw the video title, I was going to make a cheesy pun. (cough, cough) Jaiden Anime-tions (cough, cough) Anyway, time to get sappy. Several years ago, I started casually watching a bunch of Domics videos on SLus. I remember finally subscribing to his channel after seeing the Racist Flight Attendant video and absolutely roaring with laughter. Fast forward a few years, I'm back to watching some more of those videos at random, just casual binging, and that's how I got introduced to Jaiden Animations. "Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about" was my introduction to the channel, and I had instantly added it to my favorites and subscribed at some point that same day. I can't even remember what video made me subscribe. Maybe it was that same one, but I just can't remember because, honestly it's all blocked from my memory and fuzzy, but in a good way. Simply watching some videos and subscribing to a SLus channel was too small to really make an impact. I kept watching random videos every day, until one day, a rather dark thumbnail showed up on my recommended page. I avoided it, because I wasn't sure what it would get into, and I didn't really want to take this quirky girl that makes jokes about every day life and the weird encounters with her social anxiety and just shatter with The Hammer of Realness. I must have seen it four or five times throughout the course of just a few days. I didn't want to watch it, I was so scared of what was behind that thumbnail, but at the same time, I was so captivated by it, like a double-edged sword sitting on the shelf. It was there, I could see it. I couldn't simply reach up and grab it, but if I just put in the efforts to stand on the tip of my toes... So one afternoon, that's what I did. I clicked on the video and watched "Why I Don't Have a 'Face Reveal'. I gave it my full and undivided attention for the entire span of the video, taking every single hit that Hammer threw my way. I was right to suspect that I was diving into personal things, but the magnitude of the topic had hit so close to home. Jaiden, if you're reading this, and if you read the comment that I left on that video, then you know what I had gone through recently. You sharing your story has helped me moving forward, and I knew after watching that video that you had earned a loyal fan for good. I used to think that you had to be someone dedicated to watching every single video a SLusr ever uploaded and learn facts about them forwards and backwards that you eventually knew everything about their channel so well that you could pass a pop quiz blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back while getting a perfect score. That kind of mindset did some pretty damaging things to me when Christina Grimmie died, and even after shattering that thought process to allow myself to grieve her death, I guess I still carried a piece of it with me for the living. But that video made me get rid of the thought of what a "real fan" was actually like for good. Hearing about Jaiden's struggles, seeing that she really was just a regular person with very real life traumas to overcome made me finally understand you don't have to be a super fan to be accepted. I probably spent 20 minutes after watching that video writing out my comment, hoping that my story may one day help someone else, if they randomly come across it years later. I wasn't a hardcore super fan of Jaiden Animations, but I was a fan, and that was enough. So, as I watched video for the first time, I looked back on everything I've seen from this channel so far. From advice that came from personal experience, fun parties with a little bird, gaming fun and speedrun world records, to the face reveal and my shifting perspective and all the other videos and story I've seen since, it hit me just how much Jaiden has grown over the years, how much her skill has improved, and how much support she must have gotten over the years to make this lovely video. I watched my first Jaiden Animations video and subscribed to this channel just sixteen days ago. Sixteen days, and yet I feel so much pride for Jaiden and everyone who helped her get this far with her dream. You are all so amazing. You know, it's incredibly funny. When I went to look up when I subscribed to Jaiden Animations, I also decided to see when I subscribed to Domics. Against all probability, I subscribed to Jaiden's channel exactly five years after I subcribed to Dominic's. I missed a lot of big moments in that five year span, and I know I'm just some random person, but I really am so proud of Jaiden for coming this far with SLus, all while just being herself. Thank you for everything, Jaiden. Not only have you helped me take steps to grow into a better person, but your videos have been such a wonderful form of entertainment and relief for me. I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future (as there's plenty of content for me to catch up on), and if you make a new video soon, I'll be sure to watch it as soon as I can! Wishing you well, Jamie
VinceTheCartoonFan Pred 6 urami
Lol I just realized this song would go super good with SAO and good job!!!!!!! The people who created this did a really good job and you did to!!!
Doggers the gamer
Doggers the gamer Pred 7 urami
Honestly if this was a actually a anime I would watch it
Doggers the gamer
Doggers the gamer Pred 7 urami
Why did the ending remind me of attack on Titan episode 1 to like 14 opening if you have watched attack on Titan you would know
Callmekacey Pred 7 urami
Is this a apple pin add
Jadon Plays
Jadon Plays Pred 7 urami
pasta with no sauce
Theechaya Suetrong
Theechaya Suetrong Pred 7 urami
I like to whatch it over again and again and again Couse its amsome
Theechaya Suetrong
Theechaya Suetrong Pred 7 urami
Can you make a part 2? after all its amaything coollllllll
Faster than lightning
Faster than lightning Pred 8 urami
kio ブラジル
kio ブラジル Pred 9 urami
Steven Creech
Steven Creech Pred 9 urami
That was amazing. Could totally watch a show made from this
Kierans Ghost
Kierans Ghost Pred 10 urami
I would watch this
DoomKing_FDW Pred 10 urami
goleminnit Pred 10 urami
waiting for odd 1s out and something else yt animes and a movie where the animes merge
Sam Adel.A
Sam Adel.A Pred 11 urami
Why is Ari a Mecha villain ?
bigfootnbama Pred 11 urami
episode 1?
Damian Divelbiss
Damian Divelbiss Pred 13 urami
Why is ari evil tho :(
Maxwell Allen
Maxwell Allen Pred 13 urami
I love this
eren Pred 13 urami
I'm a fan
Damian Divelbiss
Damian Divelbiss Pred 13 urami
MinForo Pred 14 urami
Ello it’s William
Michael Keyzer
Michael Keyzer Pred 15 urami
We love you Jaden and will stick with you till the end! ❤️🥲 Can we get "the next episode" in the series once every year?
AlfredPlay Pred 15 urami
Is this the Intro to a new Jaiden animations anime tv show?
Catalina_Wolfie Pred 16 urami
Nice I think the animation you made is amazing!
Fifko Pred 16 urami
Byemeathi1 Pred 16 urami
Byemeathi1 Pred 16 urami
I’m mad I didn’t watch this earlier
Ancient Lore
Ancient Lore Pred 17 urami
Wow shit intro nice work tho
RANDOM Pred 17 urami
Cool song.
Sreekutttan P
Sreekutttan P Pred 18 urami
Did anyone notice that the robots were her parrots and they were disturbing her when she was making vedio and use animated it
The sussy Baka next door
The sussy Baka next door Pred 18 urami
It’s so cool
LinkLOZ09 Pred 18 urami
sorry what's going on here lol
Sharon Bulmer
Sharon Bulmer Pred 20 urami
That moment when the picture of ari and jaiden gets crushed me. Noooooo!
Glenn Cacayorin
Glenn Cacayorin Pred 21 uro
Izaac Reather
Izaac Reather Pred 21 uro
she's beauty she's grace she has a profile picture of an anime girls face
Football, Gaming, and West Marshall Trojans Man
Football, Gaming, and West Marshall Trojans Man Pred 21 uro
So cool
Ana Maria Fernandes de Jesus
Ana Maria Fernandes de Jesus Pred 23 urami
Aaron Collins
Aaron Collins Pred dnevom
Pokemon Gamer
Pokemon Gamer Pred dnevom
P0pping!K1dz Extra
P0pping!K1dz Extra Pred dnevom
Борис Енокян
Борис Енокян Pred dnevom
waiting for anime from jaiden
indra susilo
indra susilo Pred dnevom
I love this
• The Bear øf ur nightmares •
• The Bear øf ur nightmares • Pred dnevom
I love how she added stereotypical things of an anime. Like the abandoned house and the getting mad and running into the sky. Also love how she is fighting an ari robot
Pandalorianlungjuice Pred dnevom
If this was a anime intro I would rate it a 9/10 animation is amazing but there is some spoilers and the music is pretty sick
Nat Bulauan
Nat Bulauan Pred dnevom
The robot your birds thats how evil it is
FearGamer Pred dnevom
I swear i cant stop watching this the music and animation is amazing
Daljit Sidhu
Daljit Sidhu Pred dnevom
Keep up the good work Jadien we are all hoping the best for you.
LylaLand Pred dnevom
I usually don’t like anime but this is so cool!
simon huang rat
simon huang rat Pred dnevom
Yui Pred dnevom
oh my god this is so bomb :0
Agent Ulgrin
Agent Ulgrin Pred dnevom
Does nobody realize that the robots are birds?
Donald ROW
Donald ROW Pred dnevom
Pretty awesome
❤️ EDGAR PLAYS ❤️ Pred dnevom
Can the starlight give me guidance Make a stand, til we come to the end of it all Working our way up through the dirt ♥️ JAIDEN ANIMATIONS ♥️ Been running from myself Though that i could lie,and weather it out Been running on the edge A mess now I'm coming undone I numb the pain,numb the pain Fighting not to take the blame,take the blame If i would lose it would you follow me falling? Or would you even know my name,know my name? Can the starlight give me guidance? Make a stand,till we come to the end of it all Working our way up through the dirt Never giving up the fight,though we're haunted in the night I'll be standing by your side Cause together we stand, and we fall We are the ones who rise above When I've fallen on my knees,still I'm never gonna quit Couse you pull me on the feet,and together we stand and we fall We are the ones who rise from above
Diogo Marques
Diogo Marques Pred dnevom
So... Jaiden Animeations?
LUKE PBT Pred dnevom
It's so cool like it
help i addicted
help i addicted Pred dnevom
but why?
El Procely
El Procely Pred dnevom
Waddaduck Pred dnevom
that's pretty good and the song is 10/10
youareabigflop Pred dnevom
Guilded guy sworrrrdd
Chelsea Schaefer
Chelsea Schaefer Pred dnevom
Teach me how to the a awsome anime like dis 1
Gamer kitsune
Gamer kitsune Pred dnevom
Imagine if this became a spinoff series
Yan Chung Cheung
Yan Chung Cheung Pred dnevom
Oh my
Alison Bostic
Alison Bostic Pred dnevom
this is so good jaiden!
no Pred dnevom
Oh no Cringe!
Lxyu Account
Lxyu Account Pred dnevom
I should learn Japanese even though I am learning Korean
mikhael one
mikhael one Pred dnevom
the pen is mightier than a knife since its the pen sword
Pyae Phone Thuta
Pyae Phone Thuta Pred 2 dnevi
cool and it look like a real anime
Little Bit Fix
Little Bit Fix Pred 2 dnevi
Alberto San Román
Alberto San Román Pred 2 dnevi
Can this be a thing already?????
Tommy6therockstar hogan
Tommy6therockstar hogan Pred 2 dnevi
I have to talk to Susan because SLus WONT GIVE ME NOTIFICATIONS
Pizza Bagel Man
Pizza Bagel Man Pred 2 dnevi
Ari when she throws a tantrum:
ob glob yigy
ob glob yigy Pred 2 dnevi
the backstory: jaiden forgot to make a video of ari's birthday and just because of that ari created immortal death robots to attack her until she makes a video of it
ob glob yigy
ob glob yigy Pred 2 dnevi
wait a minute is james gonna appear and use a gun that shoots poorly drawn harry the moths if so what other animators will appear
Mui Pred 2 dnevi
BibbleBobble13 Pred 2 dnevi
Mr. Fantazemik
Mr. Fantazemik Pred 2 dnevi
Can’t wait for the For Kids version to drop
Nelly Rodriguez
Nelly Rodriguez Pred 2 dnevi
I like it
Damian :D
Damian :D Pred 2 dnevi
This is so wonderful xd ok no it’s just of 😱
[Clever Name]
[Clever Name] Pred 2 dnevi
Just got my Jacket!!!
Tordtube Pred 2 dnevi
Oliver Pooper
Oliver Pooper Pred 2 dnevi
YinMC Pred 2 dnevi
Love the sword! :)
bathroom boy
bathroom boy Pred 2 dnevi
still waiting for episode 1 to drop
Jorge Andres Justiniano Romero
Jorge Andres Justiniano Romero Pred 2 dnevi
good fantasy jaiden but it will NEVER HAPPEN unless you reach 20 million of course
Guard 96
Guard 96 Pred 2 dnevi
When coming out On Netflix?
Maritza Banuelos
Maritza Banuelos Pred 2 dnevi
My favorite part is the one minute and eight second part
Leonard Lucchese
Leonard Lucchese Pred 2 dnevi
This should be a thing!!!
coco_puffyz Pred 2 dnevi
this is nice animation
b Town
b Town Pred 2 dnevi
we need part 2 [
林彥齡 Pred 2 dnevi
I am Weon
I am Weon Pred 2 dnevi
This anime is short but very good I love your content
Edwin Omar
Edwin Omar Pred 2 dnevi
¿¿¿Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion??? Para ponermela y escucharla millones de veces
Minh Thư
Minh Thư Pred 2 dnevi
jztr =))) tự nhiên đi làm anime z má nội, nhma art đẹp nka
Bubble gum boiZ
Bubble gum boiZ Pred 2 dnevi
Eclyptumspyro_98 Pred 2 dnevi
I’d watch this anime
The worst thing that's ever happened to me
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