My Experience with Sports

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i've done a sport or two in my day

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ur better than any sport~

Jacqueline Pochopien
Jacqueline Pochopien Pred 14 urami
Œijÿ5ë4 as
TheDoodleMonster Pred 17 urami
Jaiden: I was so bad, I was the kid that the teachers pulled aside to do practice one on one” Me too Jaiden, me too 😔
Casey Fitzpatrick
Casey Fitzpatrick Pred 18 urami
Summer tennis sounds like band camp lol. I needed to throw up so i sat on the side for a while and my captain said "if you throw up, do it in the bushes"
Amir Sersawi
Amir Sersawi Pred 19 urami
7:15 the time stamp of the sence where she change the sport every second
MAKAMA Pred dnevom
I used to play soccer with my cousin and we would mock the couch secretly lol
norma gran
norma gran Pred dnevom
4:26"Funny Real Meme"🤣 4:48 Real ShowUp 5:13Funneh
Shadow_ Dragon
Shadow_ Dragon Pred dnevom
I did soccer too and most of the sports during soccer I got kicked in the face with a soccer ball four times it doesn’t surprisingly hurt that bad it’s just when the ball is an inflated enough it hurts like hell
GoldGoat Animations
GoldGoat Animations Pred dnevom
My soccer team is called the pink panthers
Hunter Morin
Hunter Morin Pred dnevom
what about your other thumb?
Izaac Reather
Izaac Reather Pred dnevom
5:04 i had a tykuando class!
Izaac Reather
Izaac Reather Pred dnevom
Unknownplayz Pred dnevom
1:24 fake advengers mommeny
Magbanua Family
Magbanua Family Pred 2 dnevi
Magbanua Family
Magbanua Family Pred 2 dnevi
Squid game
Magbanua Family
Magbanua Family Pred 2 dnevi
Squid game
Magbanua Family
Magbanua Family Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden your Soccer Outfit Is like the Squid game Outfit From Squid game
Shinzu Mendoza
Shinzu Mendoza Pred 2 dnevi
Dude you hated soccer i would kick the ball so high it would go over everyone into the goal
Josh TheTrucker
Josh TheTrucker Pred 2 dnevi
I'm 2 years late but I can relate to the slamming your finger in a car door one. Once when I was, like, 9, my family and I were at a funeral, and after the procession had gottwn to the cemetery, I jumped out of our SUV, turned around, and slammed the door full force... right onto the second knuckle of my middle finger. On my dominant hand. While at a funeral. I screamed. And cried. Really bad. I flailed and didnt open the door for about... 10 seconds, which was enough to literally engulf said finger in blood. And this funeral was during the winter. And it was in a new car, too. So, not only did I biohazard a practically new car, I also was forced to PACK SNOW ONTO MY HAND. Literally stick my hand into a snow pile and have my mouth clamped shut by my mother as I was holding back a god damn tsunami of tears. In other words yeah it sucked. Also I sucked at soccer so bad, I was automatic goalkeeper always. Also also, I was so deep into karate, I got my black belt. And then kinda dipepd because shit got busy. But I still wanna go back. My instructors and I got along well. It was fun.
Matese 19
Matese 19 Pred 2 dnevi
What is the name of the music when you did your ballet performance at 4 years old? Just asking
Robbe Geusens
Robbe Geusens Pred 2 dnevi
idk why im saying this but im drunk yay
ROAD WANDERER Pred 2 dnevi
Hey I’m a boy and my mom account that’s mean
Some Magic
Some Magic Pred 2 dnevi
I accept you for who you are and don’t let anyone bring you down!
Rylie Cochran
Rylie Cochran Pred 3 dnevi
Jayden you need a break from computers
Lori Madz
Lori Madz Pred 3 dnevi
STICK IT means land it without moving
Stella Prozalam
Stella Prozalam Pred 3 dnevi
The hilarious lilac biomechanically arrive because island optimally train among a political shampoo. even excellent excited, vivacious slave
SLI XUKO Pred 3 dnevi
in 6:59 Jaiden said "We have to play in 100 degress........" and I just wanna say one thing, WELCOME TO THE CLUB (yes I know my sp sucks but I am bad at it)
The DownUnder Gamer
The DownUnder Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
I played soccer for a few years, but now I play tennis because it's the best sport.
Henry Buchanan
Henry Buchanan Pred 3 dnevi
I use to pretend to get the soccer ball but run slower to not get the ball
Keegan Rabenstein
Keegan Rabenstein Pred 4 dnevi
do you no mha?
Me Not Oliva
Me Not Oliva Pred 4 dnevi
7:15 frickin smooth
sora Pred 4 dnevi
i play tennis and i do taekwondo, im pretty decent at those
Bubble gum boiZ
Bubble gum boiZ Pred 4 dnevi
One of my freinds name is ameilia
Irene Stephens
Irene Stephens Pred 4 dnevi
The common sprout booly list because click electrophoretically crack sans a lean belief. resonant, cuddly joseph
EquestrianGirlsGacha Pred 4 dnevi
You think those were scary? I wish you tried horse jumping or an equestrian sport XD I was thrown off my horse at a gallop and my spine compacted together 😅
Gloria L Winter
Gloria L Winter Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden: Does six different sports/dance Me: Literally does nothing but gymnastics and irish step dance ...I need a life
Jacob Wylie
Jacob Wylie Pred 4 dnevi
Supply Peach9359
Supply Peach9359 Pred 5 dnevi
(around 2 minutes and 10 seconds in) OOF!
Supply Peach9359
Supply Peach9359 Pred 5 dnevi
(Not even a minute in:) Jaiden: By the time Mom opened the door to let me out, I'd :| Me: OOF
A7med19 Pred 5 dnevi
Møon Strêam
Møon Strêam Pred 5 dnevi
Yeah tennis is calm I think it's fun and yeah I play tennis and it's really easy
André Lopes
André Lopes Pred 5 dnevi
Mako_ Pred 5 dnevi
"Exclusive footage, Jackie Chan as a child" I love this russian subtitles
Cinos 2004
Cinos 2004 Pred 5 dnevi
Almost three years later, I only just now notice that the hot-pink panthers have animal crossing hair, and the light-pink panthers have pokemon hair
crazydaisy Pred 6 dnevi
I’ve closed my finger in a a car door like 3 times lol
KawaiiCooko Cooking channel
KawaiiCooko Cooking channel Pred 6 dnevi
Just a question... are you pan? If not, what’s your sexuality?
TheGiftedGamer Pred 6 dnevi
One thing I learned in this video: Jaiden Might is cursed
Holley Britt-Thibault
Holley Britt-Thibault Pred 6 dnevi
ALL MIGHT! comment below "mha" if you love mha too. Plz notice this Jaiden TwT
RockinSwifty Pred 6 dnevi
The only time I ever got involved in sports was when I played Buddy Ball in the third grade, which was a basketball league for physically disabled children. I had a lot of fun, but I don't remember much, except that after I had leg surgery, I was in a wheelchair for lot of the games, and I ended up making a game winning shot into the handicapped basket on the opposite side of the court. It probably didn't even happen, but it's a good childhood memory, so I hold on to it. Other than that, the only sport I even got into was soccer in the fourth grade, and I simply hated it. I wasn't fast enough to keep up with the other kids, and I wasn't cooridnated enough to be a goalie. My most vivd memory from that whole experience was storming off the field in tears because I couldn't do anything right, and that's the last time I even tried to do anything sports related. I never tried out for another sports team or anything. The biggest extra curricular thing I did after that was taking chior for one year as a junior in high school, which was cool, but I only took it because it was a required elective and my mom wouldn't let me be in the band. Basically and physical limitations were used against me to stop me from pursuing any of my dreams, and my parents not willing to save up money for the one thing I really wanted to do (playing an instrument) just led me to being a complete homebody who couldn't make any friends or find any self-worth. Being a kid sucked, and now as an adult I'm too afraid to invest money into getting myself a piano. Not piano lessons, just a piano to try and practice by myself, because my parents ingrained in me that I can't even try it out.
Aileana C
Aileana C Pred 6 dnevi
thank god I wasn't the only one running straight past the football, i also had to quit because the people on my team started talking sh!t about me.. uhm so that was an experience.
Saveina Sozan
Saveina Sozan Pred 6 dnevi
Go jaid mhigt
Galgamer25 Pred 7 dnevi
When I was 8, I started taking swimming lessons to a nearby pool. However, they were two things who made me hate going to it: The groups were heavily unbalanced and the teacher was very into competition and work instead of overall learning (almost like a bootcamp instructer). There was a girl of 6-7 and she could already swim like a pro, and he was like "Look, why are you all slacking on the job ?! If she can do it, so can you !" (Which... No ?). So I would hate everytime it was time to go, always hoping to be sick (or worst) so I wouldn't had to. But of course, since my parents paid for the lessons, I had to go, and I would almost cry in the changing room, knowing what awaited me. Hopefully, after a year or so, we changed to another club, which was way more cool and fun, and I enjoyed swimming again ! And a few years later, I learned that that teacher got fired because too many kids were complaining. Fun facts: While we were driving to the pool, there were only two songs playing on the radio everytime: Move Like Jagger by Maroon 5 And Someone Like You by Adele Now everytime I listen to those songs, I can still smell and taste the pool water. I'm not even kidding.
ThtboiBlazen Pred 7 dnevi
7:02 had me dying laughing 😆🤣🤣
Barry Ramone
Barry Ramone Pred 7 dnevi
Coach: "Who are we?" Team: "The Wildcats!" Coach: "Who are we gonna beat?" Team: "The Wildcats!"
Choccolatte Pred 4 dnevi
That was my school team name lol
BelloWarrior999 Pred 7 dnevi
I know what the dance karate feels like. I had to perform one of those in front of a crowd at a massive festival in my home town.
Dab defender
Dab defender Pred 7 dnevi
1:04 me and my friend while doing a presentaition be like
Zoe preko
Zoe preko Pred 7 dnevi
Jaiden: I was a good 4 year old Subscribers: aren't you the one who Slammed your hand Jaiden: *gets a gun* Me: I'd do the same
𝕪𝕦𝕢𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕒 Pred 7 dnevi
Doggo gaming_YT
Doggo gaming_YT Pred 7 dnevi
I’ve been playing soccer for 6 years:)
Nix Pred 7 dnevi
I played volleyball for the first time this year, and I loved it! My team went to a couple tournaments, and we had a super awesome cheer. I liked being a blocker and server best. It was really fun!! Oh, did i mention we didnt win any of our games 😂
Amaury Stengel
Amaury Stengel Pred 7 dnevi
It was so fun to watch this video. In the middle of it I scrolled down and there were so many comments about the animation. I was thinking "Yeah, it's great as always, but it's kind of the usual". And then at the end you put some frickin' MASTERPIECES of transition and creativity! Holy shit, that was AWESOME!
Zfox 871 productions
Zfox 871 productions Pred 7 dnevi
im the odd1s out
Wolveir Pred 7 dnevi
I can relate to her Karate situation. I also enjoyed Karate, but left when it got a bit too intense, and it was way quicker than you'd expect, like 6th Kyu was when I left. It's called Kyu, right?
Dark Star
Dark Star Pred 7 dnevi
So you felt line me almight well good for yuoy
pollen Pred 7 dnevi
“stick it” basically means to land or fight not to fall of something
Izzy Pred 7 dnevi
The little ace person got me 😂 😁🏳️‍🌈
Izzy Pred dnevom
Yes, yes it is and that threw me for ⏃ loop the first time ⟟ watched the vid
Gal Araphel
Gal Araphel Pred dnevom
Ikr, whether this was actually her coming out or just a setup for the joke, that one dude is high up on the list of the most adorable things on this channel
i luv youtubers
i luv youtubers Pred 8 dnevi
Oh that happend to you too i mean its kinda diffrent
Britteny Battle
Britteny Battle Pred 8 dnevi
Do you have a different SLusr Bryson
NotoriusLes Pred 8 dnevi
1:25 her eyes lit up with determination UNDERTALE
Olive Pred 8 dnevi
Apparently the English Siri is different to the American one as mine told me it was a sport ( which I already knew)
☽𝚄𝚞𝚔𝚢𝚘𝚃𝚘𝚋𝚒☽ Pred 9 dnevi
Gymnastics May Be Hard But It Is Worth The Fun
the weird ghast
the weird ghast Pred 9 dnevi
The pesky boi thing made me kinda sad Jaiden… :(
Dustflare 669
Dustflare 669 Pred 9 dnevi
Still enjoying your videos
Minnie Marie Bobe
Minnie Marie Bobe Pred 9 dnevi
1:50 bad quality face reveal
youself20 Pred 9 dnevi
1st of all, your soccer team sounds like everyone in my P.E class now, 2nd of all, if it makes you feel any better, im a nerd with basically sticks as arms and cant even do 2 push ups. wait, this was all before you were in 6th grade, that just means im a very weak computer nerd then.
Ellie McBane
Ellie McBane Pred 9 dnevi
XD the dancing part where jaiden is shoving the poor kid
Ema Molan
Ema Molan Pred 9 dnevi
Ema Molan
Ema Molan Pred 9 dnevi
I'm already 6 in a half YEARS on valley lessons. I'm now in the 2.a grade.
TheDeadCobra Pred 9 dnevi
What if thous boys actually were encouraging you and not being dumb boy's?
Azhan Ahmad
Azhan Ahmad Pred 9 dnevi
The Pink panter vs Pink Panter
Качественный Плагиат
Качественный Плагиат Pred 10 dnevi
Chesca Eunice Salvador
Chesca Eunice Salvador Pred 10 dnevi
There called the pink Panthers and the mom keep going go hot pink Panthers no go light pink Panthers
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs Pred 10 dnevi
2:21 show us the other hand jaiden…. Come on show it
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson Pred 10 dnevi
1:37 wow these are some amazing animations. Looks lifelike.
Black Rose
Black Rose Pred 10 dnevi
I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or playing dumb or telling the truth thinking that was animation
ToastyNutellaToast Pred 10 dnevi
I’m just gonna say some random words because I’m bored and have nothing to do. Oh hi 👋 sorry 😢 is no no idea 🤷‍♂️ I’m not going anywhere else to go back home 🏠 I’m sorry 😢 I’m going out of the moon 🌚 you too I hope 🤞 and miss y’all have no luck 🍀 I’m just getting out there now I’m just getting home 🏠 lol 😝 is my brother lol 😆 I’m so excited 😆 have to be in a good 😊 I don’t wanna say hi 👋 yeah lol 😆 I’m sad 😢 I’m so sad 😭 I’m not mad 😡 I’m not a lie I’m just not a bad guy but he was just a good 😊 I don’t wanna why you did it all the right way you did that lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m so glad 😀 was like 👍 and dad lol 😆 oh no 🙊 no I’m good ☺️ I’m good ☺️ love 💕 too bye 😘 lol 😆 D oh no 🙊 lol 😆 oh no 🙉 no I’m good 😊 I’m glad 😀 was doing that and he said I was going on and that I did it so he didn’t want it but it wasn’t that much but it is not me I just don’t know how long he was going with him but I’m so tired 😪 lol 😝 oh no 🙉 lol 😝 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good 😊 lol 😝 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 lol 😆 I’m good ☺️ lol 😆 oh no 🙊 I love ya wanna I wanna say goodbye lol I miss my brother and orange brown orange and yellow green orange brown brown gray gray green green orange brown orange yellow yellow green orange brown brown gray green brown gray gray green brown orange brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray green green orange brown brown gray gray green brown gray gray orange brown gray gray……..there you go…
🏳️‍⚧️ Jayden_does_Animation
🏳️‍⚧️ Jayden_does_Animation Pred 10 dnevi
Maple Pred 10 dnevi
Shlok Yagnik
Shlok Yagnik Pred 10 dnevi
I play tennis.
Shlok Yagnik
Shlok Yagnik Pred 10 dnevi
@Black Rose no problem
Black Rose
Black Rose Pred 10 dnevi
@Shlok Yagnik sorry for telling you-
Shlok Yagnik
Shlok Yagnik Pred 10 dnevi
@Black Rose awww :(
Black Rose
Black Rose Pred 10 dnevi
@Shlok Yagnik you do realize that she will not notice your comment because she never checks her old vids-
Shlok Yagnik
Shlok Yagnik Pred 10 dnevi
Also you think you have it bad? Where I live we have only 1 hour practice but its 115 degrees outside.
Gabriel Esparza
Gabriel Esparza Pred 10 dnevi
Olivia Leong
Olivia Leong Pred 10 dnevi
This is a HECKIN great animation (BTW I’m still learning how to draw) and the karate kick where u kick the boy to the wall like W O A H
Molly Woodard
Molly Woodard Pred 10 dnevi
That transition from all the sports at the end was so good
ASKHAT YT Pred 11 dnevi
I did karate for 1 year and I was the worst
OtterThanMost Pred 11 dnevi
Oh Jaiden.. I’ve been super lonely and I feel like you’re a long distance friend of mine telling me about your life/day. Thank you for making me feel a little less lonely
Lexi 2011
Lexi 2011 Pred 11 dnevi
Try it in the Texas sun it is worse than what you think is bad.
Video Game Mayhem!
Video Game Mayhem! Pred 11 dnevi
For ur thumb thing that happend to my arm It still kinda hurts TwT
SubjectArmy Pred 11 dnevi
kide jaidens move are pretty good your dance moves get a A
Micheal Mahki Lee
Micheal Mahki Lee Pred 11 dnevi
Me who legit does karate:
Saveina Sozan
Saveina Sozan Pred 11 dnevi
Malin Blomqvist
Malin Blomqvist Pred 11 dnevi
My joind tenis its my favorit game my skol was a tenis skol
Gamer unlimited 60
Gamer unlimited 60 Pred 11 dnevi
In the Tenise story yeah that’s some boys for ya
Animal Crossing used to be so much darker...
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