The best pokemon game you never played

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Jaiden Animations

Pred letom

lol pokemon amirite

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Bolormaa Munkhchuluun
Bolormaa Munkhchuluun Pred 2 urami
Mama wtf
carolyn lawagey
carolyn lawagey Pred 2 urami
play pokemon black an pokemon black 2
Mimikyuezo Pred 7 urami
Bruh I love the sun and moon mostly because it was the first pokemon game ive ever played
EJ & Edric’s Game of Games
EJ & Edric’s Game of Games Pred 11 urami
🌸Blossom🌸 Pred 14 urami
No one: Pokémon Ranger: *t o u c h t h e b i d o o f*
may shade
may shade Pred 20 urami
Lois Anne Barin
Lois Anne Barin Pred 22 urami
Pokémon Ranger is a forgotten memory I swear
Trixie La Lobita
Trixie La Lobita Pred dnevom
I have the game lol (shadows of almia tbe)
Jackie C
Jackie C Pred dnevom
ngl i thought team dim sun was team dim sum... was genuinely confused as to why the villains would be named for chinese brunch lol
Magically Me
Magically Me Pred dnevom
Me who just found out how to use emulator: i wonder if this is on emulator..
Rayyan Pred dnevom
Power rangers , Google
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez Pred dnevom
And sword and shield
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez
Maria Mendoza De Hernandez Pred dnevom
Pokémon x and y are my favorite
Izzy Narnia
Izzy Narnia Pred dnevom
Harvey Jackson Jr.
Harvey Jackson Jr. Pred dnevom
Jaiden: yes sirs
DS Pred dnevom
I did like pokemon x and y and pokken tournament
EeveeStar 682
EeveeStar 682 Pred dnevom
Jaiden didn't mention that the reason why Team Dim Sun tried to catch Wailord was because they wanted to use it as A REPLACEMENT CARGO SHIP.
3hype Robert
3hype Robert Pred dnevom
Pokémon ranger is the best Pokémon Game but thanks for telling me the rest of the story I only have half of it complete
Boiii Pred 2 dnevi
Well I never played any pokemon game except the one that you have to walk to other places for a pokemon but I don’t like it so I just deleted it
Andre Eduardo Oliveira De Lima
Andre Eduardo Oliveira De Lima Pred 2 dnevi
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez Pred 2 dnevi
4:52 tho think thats the first time i seen a dancing scene
Taritz Reyes
Taritz Reyes Pred 2 dnevi
Jaiden is the exact definition of a cinnamon bun, and you can not convince me otherwise.
Tristan Da Cunha
Tristan Da Cunha Pred 2 dnevi
Her dance tho
White Fang
White Fang Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Jaiden have you tried Castlevania portrait of ruin ?
• Nova Light •
• Nova Light • Pred 2 dnevi
WE WIL TAKE OVER THE WORLD>:D Five minutes later... Touch the bidoof🙃
Jirred Vang
Jirred Vang Pred 2 dnevi
Ah yes one of the hardest pokemon game
CheerNo Crow
CheerNo Crow Pred 2 dnevi
The best part about these games is that the pokèmon are actually treated as living beings. I mean, in the first game you gain a partner pokèmon by actually connecting to it emotionally. There is no "capturing" involved, this little guy just likes you and that is awesome
Amru Pred 2 dnevi
4:54 imagine being in that situation
Amru Pred 2 dnevi
plus the animation is very cool
ElleInc Pred 3 dnevi
I loved Sword and Shield. But I'm into open world.
Hannah Subratha
Hannah Subratha Pred 3 dnevi
touch the bidoof
LilBlueOnk Pred 3 dnevi
Gretchen Guseman
Gretchen Guseman Pred 3 dnevi
How did she get Pokémon ranger???
Hanako Pred 3 dnevi
Lol whale lord mine
Sophia Martinez
Sophia Martinez Pred 3 dnevi
All i remember from that game is the damn Rampardos, i got stuck on that level every time😂 i did love shadows of Almia. My brother had the other two but i had this one and i completed the whole game from start to finish, i did every single side quest and caught every single pokemon, i was so proud of myself. Seeing some of the gameplay brought back memories i forgot i had. Defo gonna play that game again in the next few years when i have time
Nathaniel Labelle
Nathaniel Labelle Pred 3 dnevi
If you want good writing in a Pokemon game, play PMD Explorer's of Sky
Shinzu Mendoza
Shinzu Mendoza Pred 3 dnevi
7:07 some random grunt be like "want a snow cone?"
Mafe uwu y sus locuras
Mafe uwu y sus locuras Pred 3 dnevi
How Pikachu ate licked the blueberry sadly lol
Just your local youtuber gamer ❤️
Just your local youtuber gamer ❤️ Pred 3 dnevi
Jaiden:Say the first line My iPad:Welp, goodbye *almost falls onto the hard stone ish floor*
Noyely ian
Noyely ian Pred 3 dnevi
Raven Mamaril
Raven Mamaril Pred 4 dnevi
The only thing I remember about playing this game is crying because my circles weren't perfect enough
Nanta Dhita
Nanta Dhita Pred 4 dnevi
the music is like my country music
A h h h
A h h h Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden is so good at animating dancing, how- what? Im so terrible at dancing.
Arfa Firas Faeyza
Arfa Firas Faeyza Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden : "i like it, and C I R C L E S" My mind : osu!
Opinión de un Ignorante
Opinión de un Ignorante Pred 4 dnevi
That uniform looks just like the one OXXO's cashiers use. :0
some guy in a zoo
some guy in a zoo Pred 4 dnevi
Keith is 5 foot 4 inched
LieLie Lollipop
LieLie Lollipop Pred 4 dnevi
The weird geometric game is called Pokémon Quest and you do expeditions as you sacrifice the Pokémon you don’t want to give your Pokémon levels it’s on tablet
Lycan The Lycanroc
Lycan The Lycanroc Pred 4 dnevi
8:24 Well… I mean, Technically Wailmer is a Wailord mini due to Wailmer being Wailord’s pre-evolution
T Garvis
T Garvis Pred 4 dnevi
2:35 TOUCH THE GOD! do it now.
Grim Pred 4 dnevi
Goddammit KEITH
Kaiser Gagius
Kaiser Gagius Pred 4 dnevi
"It´s a long game" 24 hours...rrrright
Bacon Pred 4 dnevi
Penguinswithpencils Pred 4 dnevi
you know, roughly 403 people
redhwan shahid
redhwan shahid Pred 4 dnevi
Pokémon sun rules
Shona Busby
Shona Busby Pred 4 dnevi
Pls can you play pokepark?? It’s a Pokemon park thing lol wait I forgot I haven’t played that game I’m ages lol. Btw it’s on the wii so yuh pls try it!!
j lepp
j lepp Pred 5 dnevi
Lol u sound like my friend shrimp
Kara McDaniel
Kara McDaniel Pred 5 dnevi
XD yes someone finally talks about Pokemon Rangers XD I kinda wish they'd make a new game for this
Why Pred 5 dnevi
Luli_ Bittily
Luli_ Bittily Pred 5 dnevi
I had a conversation about Pokémon with my friend My friend: I don’t like Pokémon. Me: why? My friend: I downloaded a mobile Pokémon game, it wasn’t that good. Me:(insert name here), WAS IT GEOMETRIC? My friend: y-yeah? Me:that’s why.
Draconium Pred 5 dnevi
She uses a beyblade at one of the people in the base
Conor Southby
Conor Southby Pred 5 dnevi
I’ll have you know…I have played this game…groudon was way too OP
Cingkin Pred 5 dnevi
released on my birthday ! awesome !
witchie beanie boos
witchie beanie boos Pred 5 dnevi
well 27m people know about the game soo- Edit: (there was 27m ppl who watched when I wrote this
Brian M
Brian M Pred 5 dnevi
Pokemon Pinba--Ranger. Right. I'll over here...gently sobbing.
Jack Vincent
Jack Vincent Pred 5 dnevi
I just noticed the raven reference XD
Chobittsu Pred 6 dnevi
This video was a trip from beginning to end and I haven't even reached the end yet
Kamala Neupane
Kamala Neupane Pred 6 dnevi
Touch the pokemon
Lobsocker Pred 6 dnevi
I love the energy you put into these :)
Nicholin V
Nicholin V Pred 6 dnevi
Osu players, where u at?
Nagito Komaeda (Louis Stan Account)
Nagito Komaeda (Louis Stan Account) Pred 6 dnevi
Dim Sun sounds like the name of a private school for "special" children
J.P. Adams
J.P. Adams Pred 6 dnevi
I'm confused to why see has so many views an comments but people dislikes her videos shes funny and i love her stuff.
Demonte4509ui Pred 6 dnevi
I remember this game when i was younger. God im fucking old
Izaac’s start YouTube
Izaac’s start YouTube Pred 6 dnevi
If u listen to 4:55 It makes u want to buy the game Just like how I want to play it but I can’t get it
jaiden crazy brain moment: circle circle cirCLE CIRCLE CIRCLE
Doge Pred 7 dnevi
Kaden Pred 7 dnevi
mrekk would probably like this game
Calmfeet Kulsiri
Calmfeet Kulsiri Pred 7 dnevi
Touch the bidoof
chegrik cheerian B.Marak
chegrik cheerian B.Marak Pred 7 dnevi
Ah brings back memories....nice and refreshing video❤️
frederickthesquirrel Pred 7 dnevi
11:13 haha
mikhail deeznuts
mikhail deeznuts Pred 7 dnevi
Love your vids
Tyler Weyand
Tyler Weyand Pred 7 dnevi
The memes are too strong
MilkandCherries Pred 7 dnevi
That moment you’ve never played a pokemon game.
Misty Pred 7 dnevi
"the best game you never played" the people who played Pokèmon Ranger: 👁👄👁
Vincent Suekawa
Vincent Suekawa Pred 7 dnevi
Loved the dance scene but your avatar looked a bit to tall for some reason and your head was too small and it bothered me
SkunkPlayz Online
SkunkPlayz Online Pred 7 dnevi
me: sees shellos also me: why wasnt jaiden freaking out about shellos
MrMunchkin21 Pred 7 dnevi
6:48 "I want to peg you..." Wait what? "With a snowball" _Had us in he first half not gonna lie_
It'z Nathan
It'z Nathan Pred 7 dnevi
2:16 If Issac is 163 cm, then hes around 5ft 4 in
Nathan Johannesen
Nathan Johannesen Pred 7 dnevi
The sequel to Pokémon ultra gun: Pokémon real gun.
Ladybug Pred 7 dnevi
"Touch the bidoof." *uhh*
Greyson Schule
Greyson Schule Pred 7 dnevi
pokemon gonna catch em all!
macclea Pred 7 dnevi
i said yes out loud when u uncovered the box and said pokemon ranger lol
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena Pred 7 dnevi
Shadows of Almia was the only Pokémon ranger game I had and it was very fun. So ha ha ha I HAVE played this game. My cousin had the next game and apparently you get a pichu with a ukulele.
Zaki Aoi
Zaki Aoi Pred 7 dnevi
PLEASE DO ELITE BEAT AGENTS even if you do include the music. The story alone is hilarious.
Relinquished Anima
Relinquished Anima Pred 7 dnevi
5:14 *N I G E R U N D A Y O*
Joshua Collett
Joshua Collett Pred 7 dnevi
4:22 the murkrow saying “Nevermore” is a reference to the poem “The Raven”. I learnt that in English the other day :)
Oleander Kazzy
Oleander Kazzy Pred 8 dnevi
11:45 Oh HELL no 11:54 OH NO
Oleander Kazzy
Oleander Kazzy Pred 8 dnevi
1:51 I'd say very.
bananasher Pred 8 dnevi
pokemon quest bad
Jaxon Fenech
Jaxon Fenech Pred 8 dnevi
Can we just appreciate how smooth the scene her dancing to the battle music was.
some name i forgot
some name i forgot Pred 8 dnevi
This reminds me of pokemon legends arceus
history of the entire world, i guess
bill wurtz
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