The worst thing that's ever happened to me

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lol december wasn't great

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Madison M
Madison M Pred 5 urami
This video made me so itchy.
Nat Bulauan
Nat Bulauan Pred 8 urami
Good thing i never had hives
Tori Pred 17 urami
7&9 UFO 7#@ USA
Tori Pred 17 urami
7#@ USA
Abooshia Taweel
Abooshia Taweel Pred 18 urami
8:12 Seems u didnt try the feeling of removing a cancerous kidney
MariahTocalife Gamer
MariahTocalife Gamer Pred 18 urami
Also I sooo happy that you are better!
MariahTocalife Gamer
MariahTocalife Gamer Pred 18 urami
I feel sooooo bad for you.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Pred 19 urami
Yea I just used a bar of soap and there was probably something I'm allergic to in it and I felt itchy, I looked down and I'm covered in red splotches. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. ITS ALL ITCHY, AHHHHHHHHHHH. So anyways I'm getting a new bar of soap.
Butt Heet
Butt Heet Pred dnevom
9:42 Hey! Adventures of PET Refenece!
Ennard Pred dnevom
I was very near death with an allergic reaction
Comment king
Comment king Pred dnevom
That doctors a nut job,I have dermatitis and those are not the symptoms
AddieGamezOnMinecraft Pred dnevom
I feel like I have a curse. If I ever end up having a great time, something ALWAYS ruins it. Examples: 1: I'm cozy in bed watching videos on my T.v, and I'm so cozy I don't want to move, when I suddenly have to go to the bathroom. 2: Watching a movie with snacks by myself. My brother walks in and says, "hey can you do laundry?" 3: At school having a fun time. Then mom comes to check me out for a dentist appointment. 4: Makes my bed and feels good about it. Then realizes you have the whole rest of the room to clean. 5: Going to a fun activity thing. Realizes your enemy came too. No turning back now! I can give you 5 fricken examples. TELL ME THIS IS NOT A CURSE!
Glenn Cacayorin
Glenn Cacayorin Pred dnevom
i had that right now lol
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Pred dnevom
who else noticed her playing the untitled goose game
lily playz
lily playz Pred dnevom
I had hives for a year TvT help me... I'm a little itchy but no hives ...
Bobbi Lee
Bobbi Lee Pred dnevom
I have blond hair
Samuel Zhan
Samuel Zhan Pred dnevom
-created a bad allergic reaction- -allergic to ari- *Allergic to immune response*
SSunඞ Pred dnevom
True i just do ladybug
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Khant Khant
Khant Khant Pred dnevom
Marjuky Pred dnevom
it sounds like eczema lol i would know, i have it.
Ohhmyv33nus Lui
Ohhmyv33nus Lui Pred dnevom
I love nintendo swich but my mom dont buy me i hate mom
Sim z
Sim z Pred 2 dnevi
I dont care what anyone says, grammary is awesome :)
bella andason
bella andason Pred 2 dnevi
Good life is important but the stigma of living with the HSV2 is hell on its own,Not until I found that there was a remedy to erase it totally. This page has really helped me a lot,especially the recommendations. Big thanks Dr Osaoji on SLus thanks for everything you're doing.
mommostrike360 GD
mommostrike360 GD Pred 2 dnevi
Why christmas, i like that holiday too much in my opinion
Dwight k39
Dwight k39 Pred 2 dnevi
I actually have been stabbed, this sounds worse
Gaile Brielle a. Olaes
Gaile Brielle a. Olaes Pred 2 dnevi
When my dad gets a water he brokes the bottle he hurts his 1 leg hs gets to doctor and i take care of him and his broken leg its im proud his now no broken leg now!!
King the cat
King the cat Pred 2 dnevi
Try falling down a hole for 2 hours
Some Magic
Some Magic Pred 2 dnevi
From watching this video my face feels itchy ALL OVER because I have bad dermatitis to the point where, just after the first lockdown I wore bandages on my hands because whenever I’d go out my hands would immediately start to bleed, so yeah dermatitis ABSOLUTELY SUCKS XD
IM_ BADBOTT2 Pred 2 dnevi
" physically "
Agrima Rai
Agrima Rai Pred 2 dnevi
0:00 *Jaiden’s amazing story*
Be Evergreen
Be Evergreen Pred 3 dnevi
I’ve been told I probably have chronic hives, since I’ve been dealing with a similar (but thankfully less painful) problem for who know how long, but well over a year, I know that much
Enderger Pred 3 dnevi
Worst I’ve had to deal with so far is realising that I am being raised in a cult and can do nothing about it.
Dhanya v
Dhanya v Pred 3 dnevi
The same exact thing happened to me
Pinkster7 Pred 3 dnevi
I'm not allergic to cats, but I may as well be, since I almost never see them because I don't really like cats that much. Plus once I got hives but it happened for no reason, so it wasn't that bad. It hurt and itched a lot, but not nearly as bad as that.
The EPIC Mario Bros. 2
The EPIC Mario Bros. 2 Pred 3 dnevi
well everyone else is sharing sick and/or pain stories on the comments so ill join as well! so I was 11, I was at my big sisters house (she was 23) and she got one of those little kiddie pools for me, my 9-year-old sister, and my 5-year-old nephew, it was fun, we splashed around and maybe got a car a little too wet, when it was done me and my nephew both had sunburns. his sunburn was small and my older sister tended to it literally immediently. I had a HUGE red sunburn all over my top half of my back and my shoulders and she was all like "fend for yourself dummy" (she didn't say that is was more how she acted). so we went home and the sunburn hurt twice as much, as if it was on fire, no joke, it hurt like -hell- and I wanted to cry. I couldn't wear a shirt for 7 days, (thank god it was summer so I would have to go to school ontop of that) and could barely sleep from the pain, I didn't need medical attention, but it was tourture, and ngl it still kinda hurts there if I touch it too hard.
Lizur11 Pred 3 dnevi
I have hives and my dad took me straight to the er and it's really uncomfortable can you please give me advise
Shattered Retinas
Shattered Retinas Pred 3 dnevi
this video makes me itchy
all nighter
all nighter Pred 3 dnevi
"for father to finally find milk" holy crap that got me wheezing and crying at the same time
Wahmageddon Pred 3 dnevi
Can I just say that it really sucks when you're allergic to an animal you love? I don't have any allergies myself, but I feel REALLY bad for the people who do, and have it hard. It really limits what the person can enjoy in life.
daftfan2021 Pred 3 dnevi
Neymar Bustillo
Neymar Bustillo Pred 3 dnevi
GAY yassssssssssssss
Hel Pfeffer
Hel Pfeffer Pred 3 dnevi
I think, when the doctors don't know why you have something, they say "stress uwu"
Lucas Peckham
Lucas Peckham Pred 3 dnevi
I know i break out in hives with certain soaps and detergents
Kyla Inbris
Kyla Inbris Pred 4 dnevi
marley jaden burgos
marley jaden burgos Pred 4 dnevi
When i watched this i got goose bumps all over my body
Edmund Joewono
Edmund Joewono Pred 4 dnevi
i thought it was 2pm
object Nico
object Nico Pred 4 dnevi
in the beggining of the video you see girls sleeping those girls name are budercup blosem and bubbels of powerpuff gils i notiched becuse the hair is the same XD
Jeysong Pred 4 dnevi
I had some bad hives from poison ivy back in 2017. It was pretty bad, and I also got prescribed steroids. You will not beat me in football... I have 2 left feet.
TheDoodleMonster Pred 4 dnevi
doctor: have you eaten anything new or that your allergic to? jaiden: no doctor:have your taken any new medication that your allergic to? jaiden: no doctor: have you been bitten by any bugs you're allergic to? jaiden: no ** itching slowly intensifies**
Megan McHardy
Megan McHardy Pred 4 dnevi
I have also had this once
Ezka Pred 4 dnevi
I feel like people don't realize that stress can cause a horrendous amount of things. And there are things you absolutely wouldn't suspect to have or what can cause them. An example is what could be literally not feeling stuff. Like, emotion. Yes, that can happen due to stress as far as I am educated
dina nana
dina nana Pred 4 dnevi
0:19 oh god 😭
FNAFFAN69 Pred 4 dnevi
This was the first video i watched
Abiyyu FH
Abiyyu FH Pred 5 dnevi
4:35 60s Spiderman meme
Patrick McHargue
Patrick McHargue Pred 5 dnevi
I had no idea. Thanks for the insight.
Bunne Pop!
Bunne Pop! Pred 5 dnevi
Can relate, once had to stay in a gp for 4 hours because my neck and face were swelling with hives because SOMEONE decided to put sunscreen in moisturizer. I've been reccomended an epipen but they're too expensive
Cyan Puff
Cyan Puff Pred 5 dnevi
Ah Christmas timed episode Sooo WHO WANNA TALK BED DISCOMFORT? it likes all year ur bed stores discomfort and Christmas just releases it! Who relate-
1% Pred 5 dnevi
Me watching this while having hives 😃
Dad, is that you?
Dad, is that you? Pred 5 dnevi
I’ve been looking for dad to find milk too.
penguine gamer
penguine gamer Pred 5 dnevi
@Jaiden Animatoins. I prefer itchy. I’m allergic to the sun so I have to deal with it everyday already, soooo.
penguine gamer
penguine gamer Pred 5 dnevi
You are so right.
Tori Pred 5 dnevi
pixelizedshadow Pred 5 dnevi
I had this same experience recently, Turns out it was a chemical we use at my work (3M liquid mask for protecting paint from weld and plasma cutting smoke) except i waited it out for about a month and then we started having people spray it in over time and it went away
Cassidy Capps
Cassidy Capps Pred 5 dnevi
I`m allergic to cats to.
Kelly Pred 5 dnevi
I’m watching this currently when I have hives I needed some comfort that I wasn’t the only one even though I know that’s stupid lmao
Gabriel Pred 5 dnevi
On time one on one not I like you have och good I will not died
Tori Pred 5 dnevi
Just ME
Just ME Pred 5 dnevi
0:16 Is that a my hero reference-
Mini Hung
Mini Hung Pred 5 dnevi
I die
🍑 pink bubble Cloud 🍑
🍑 pink bubble Cloud 🍑 Pred 6 dnevi
Well, that's sad for me because you don't like cats. Reply to me and I'll explain more. 🥲
Tori Pred 6 dnevi
AAA Color Coded Lyrics
AAA Color Coded Lyrics Pred 6 dnevi
I have a love-hate relationship with this video. Every time I watch it, I just want to scream at her in the beginning "Just go to the hospital instead of working!"
Arturo Vazquez
Arturo Vazquez Pred 6 dnevi
I had hives last year for 2 days that felt like pain😣
Dovemoon Skyclan
Dovemoon Skyclan Pred 6 dnevi
‘ and if u’ve never almost died from and allergic reaction, you should just so you can experience en epipen’ Me, with a steadily growing allergy to bees: *how much are those on the black market again?*
Thegamefinder_YT Pred 6 dnevi
The hives: This girl shall know pain....... ALL MIGHTY ITCH
Jake Pred 6 dnevi
Jaden on the pain chart getting hit in the balls hurts worse than hives that or I got false news hide would be worse because it last for longer
Hamtaro Pred 6 dnevi
I feel kinda bad but nice vid
Voss Plays
Voss Plays Pred 6 dnevi
Yea, I have hives and it sucks
Drake Pred 6 dnevi
I bet the hives could be bed bugs
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron Pred 6 dnevi
10:13 Jayden: "I can now say I've been on steroids." Me, an asthmatic: "pathetic"
CompleteWhiteProfilePictureAguywith5pets2dogs3cats Pred 6 dnevi
The worst thing that happened to me that I went barefoot in my brothers room step on something's sharp, my toe wouldn't stop bleeding, next thing you know I have a toe cast
gaming with garcello
gaming with garcello Pred 6 dnevi
I had hives
Pedro Henrique Carneiro
Pedro Henrique Carneiro Pred 6 dnevi
7:58 I only have a small allergy to lactose, and even then, it's fine most of the time(worst that happens is I'll crap a lot)
gacha bonbon bunny
gacha bonbon bunny Pred 6 dnevi
Och that really hurts 😵🤕😢
Joshua Rowland
Joshua Rowland Pred 6 dnevi
Watching this just makes me itch😫
Thewaterspirit57 Pred 6 dnevi
I’d prefer having…. No pain XP Since I already go through enough medication daily, I would rather never have pain from stuff ever. I’ve learned to get used to it, and care for myself more, but it would be great if I never got pain from these Also… hunger. Whenever I am hungry, I can sometimes get BIG hunger pains, which feel horrible. It even slows me down, which makes it harder to cook, cuz then I get more hungry, and the pain escalates. Which is stupid :S
Juan Pablo Becerra Martínez
Juan Pablo Becerra Martínez Pred 7 dnevi
LUKE PBT Pred 7 dnevi
I love it
jace888 Pred 7 dnevi
Entomology 👍🏻
MeAndEverything Pred 7 dnevi
I like how after this video, every video after that has been about games
Ivey Wardle
Ivey Wardle Pred 7 dnevi
I had hives when I was 7 due to stress bc my mom and dad broke up :
Junedi Salad
Junedi Salad Pred 7 dnevi
I once got hives
Adam Cope
Adam Cope Pred 7 dnevi
hi there
darayer Pred 7 dnevi
you need to clean ari regularly
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