Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

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people are weird sometimes

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Melody Clark
Melody Clark Pred 3 urami
This was the video that made me realize my best friend was abusing me, ironcally, it is now the video I came back to because I want(ed) to rekindle it.
황재펭귄 나라
황재펭귄 나라 Pred 3 urami
someone : do this or I will hurt my self me : ok hurt your self
Teagan Pamajewong
Teagan Pamajewong Pred 3 urami
I hate that I've been both sides of this:( ive obviously smartened up but I hate how I acted towards him when we where younger. I think it honestly rubbed of on both of us, but it seems to have stuck with him even now:( hh gosh I always come back to this video to remind myself that.
Gabriel Domingues
Gabriel Domingues Pred 5 urami
I fuckin hate the youtube algorithm. Why that video appears to me only after I break up?
FlareonFlarez Pred 6 urami
Thank you for making this video Jaiden! I took a look at myself and didn't realize it at first, but I was being toxic, especially with my self-esteem; I'm going to see if I can improve myself in the meanwhile. If it weren't for you, I may have damaged some of the relationships I have with friends and family, so I really appreciate it!
The Jesberg
The Jesberg Pred 7 urami
4:05 Illy
Maeo Pred 9 urami
Me watching this: my (ex) bsf: 😅😥
Oltan S.
Oltan S. Pred 9 urami
I remember watching these a few years back and thinking you were not doing great mentally. It's great to see how emotionally wise and strong you got!
Twigz Pred 9 urami
soap [smiley face]
soap [smiley face] Pred 9 urami
3:56 :(
Andersson Garcia
Andersson Garcia Pred 12 urami
Hey can u make more vids like this
b Pred 13 urami
I want her to rely on me though. is that bad?
TimeFox Pred 15 urami
I have a problem with being clingy, and after people that I love leave (dating wise) I start to get upset for about 30 minutes to an hour, it usually is better later, but only if I have had a talk with the person about how I feel upset, and I really want to work on the clinginess factor of myself but I have no clue how to even START working on it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
germayori Alvarez
germayori Alvarez Pred 17 urami
Thank you jaiden ne you helped to get out of a horrible friendship with my best friend
Natsu chan
Natsu chan Pred 17 urami
This was so informative thank you!! I keep feeling scared of the friends I'll end up having in college and I just tell myself that I should never need someone to live if I was capable of living by myself all along.
Stella Prozalam
Stella Prozalam Pred 18 urami
The purple report joly admire because baseball markedly repeat besides a curved street. panoramic, silent smile
Snowwymation Pred 19 urami
My favorite part is when toga shows up Also I 100% agree with this vid
the evan angel
the evan angel Pred 20 urami
Well I know why every friend I’ve had was toxic I’m color blind heh …. Heh … *starts to cry*
Afrid Nishad
Afrid Nishad Pred 21 uro
This should be taught in schools.
DANI TIMES Pred 22 urami
Simple answer money
slayerdude18 Pred 22 urami
thank you for opening my eyes about the relationship im in right now
slayerdude18 Pred 22 urami
lol are my other friends gonna do it [other friends] "wham"
Raj Shekhar Roy
Raj Shekhar Roy Pred 22 urami
7:23 Wait, Toga Himiko? Perfect example tho. That character wakes up to wreck havoc and she likes it💯
hassan93A1 Pred 23 urami
In the ned, this whole video manipulated All the low self-esteem women to break up and live with cats until the late 30s and continue this until the late 40,50s as guys do not want to date them anymore .......Then all these women will start to blame Jaiden...then Jaiden replies "I am not responsible for anyone else’s unhappiness"
慧眼秋 Pred dnevom
This is just good advice overall
Mark Xyruz Magmampo
Mark Xyruz Magmampo Pred dnevom
5:18 That's a little - Don't make Jaiden's emotional support Mature!
Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif Pred dnevom
Santa is there only for children, so not a Grey area. He is 100% ok
E Pred dnevom
As someone who is growing up with a sister who has cronic depression this was important to hear
SparaticDraws Pred dnevom
I rewatched this video recently, and honestly it sucks that I can still learn from it. I need to raise my standards for people because I really got manipulated by two virgos 😔🤚
Sorence Van Dyke
Sorence Van Dyke Pred dnevom
i have they same problem
Theodore Iovanii
Theodore Iovanii Pred dnevom
7:22 Himiko Toga...
GedenWilbur Pred dnevom
Hmm.. Idk this seems toxic in itself. If your friend is suffering from mental health issues like depression and you are throwing that friendship int he trash because of it, you are the toxic person in my opinion. Maybe i'm biased but if everyone did that to their friends that are suffering we would have a shit ton more suicide, and I would like to think friendships are stronger than that. Yeah set up boundaries but if you want perfection in everyone else, why the heck should you deserve friendship? Nobody is perfect and demanding it.. I don't know sounds kinda sus to me XD Yeah you can absolutely cut out friendships because of any reason you want but I guess the golden rule is far more important to me here.. Would I want to be cut out because im sad and lonely and depressed? Probably not. This entire video sounds like how you would treat an acquaintance but not a friend.
Tom Robert
Tom Robert Pred dnevom
Because of the fear of manipulation I have I'm ready to cut off all of my friends in an instant. In fact I would cut off anyone that shows even one red flag. It's probably an unhealthy mindset but in my mind it's either be manipulated by everyone or lock myself away and never talk to anyone.
Blue Star
Blue Star Pred dnevom
It's common and most people don't realize it because they are too focused improving their IQ. Not EQ.
Ruby moondust
Ruby moondust Pred dnevom
Thanks jaden! It really helped me in 6th grade( yes i am pretty young) with me and my friends You also inspired me to make my own animation channel (athought idk where to start so if u can, please make a vid about it )
SpringBonnie Pred dnevom
Another thing don’t ignore your own feelings if you feel uncomfortable don’t tell yourself it will get better because it won’t if you feel uncomfortable in any relationship then you should communicate or leave I recently went through something similar and after finding out which didn’t took to long I ended the relationship and soon after found out I don’t like men which was one of the main reasons why I was so uncomfortable that and a few other things
Eat Me
Eat Me Pred dnevom
"I'm sorry I have to cut you off. I'm not responsible for your happiness." "You're literally my therapist I pay you 250 an hour"
Player Pred dnevom
Is jaiden making excuses to use drugs
sara kruczek
sara kruczek Pred dnevom
Iseja Leqsed
Iseja Leqsed Pred dnevom
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Pizza squad
Pizza squad Pred dnevom
“Don’t let someone forcefully shove their junk on you!” Off context, that sounds...
Hey there fireworks
Hey there fireworks Pred dnevom
5:19 WAT???
Mikey Fravell
Mikey Fravell Pred 2 dnevi
You can’t be manipulated without knowing it if you’re the one doing the manipulation. That’s what I always say.
beep blap boop
beep blap boop Pred 2 dnevi
jaiden you're a genius wtf this actyally enlightened me so much
Donald ROW
Donald ROW Pred 2 dnevi
Ok well Santa's job is basically to make people happy sooo... he kinda is responsible for it?
Sam_163 Pred 2 dnevi
I must isolate her to make her wumbo, in order to wumbo, I must sacrifice something great indeed
Mr. Valeyard
Mr. Valeyard Pred 2 dnevi
This is why I don’t try to converse my problems with others, I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re responsible for my issues. Granted, there’s a lot more deep within that, but long sum of it is that, and also I’d worry about everyone before myself.
✎ ﹏ Dania・Sum
✎ ﹏ Dania・Sum Pred 2 dnevi
headless Artist
headless Artist Pred 2 dnevi
00:14 heyy thats me! :D
Holly Wood
Holly Wood Pred 2 dnevi
This really helped me get to a better place
Holly Wood
Holly Wood Pred 2 dnevi
Dude she is the smartest person on the planet I love u jaiden. This info needs to be shared
Crystal Videos
Crystal Videos Pred 2 dnevi
How is coke a drug? You mean the caffeine in coke?
ThatOtherSteve Pred 2 dnevi
I'm in hurtful relationship with myself
Bdsv 007
Bdsv 007 Pred 2 dnevi
You speak about toxic relation, so I have a question: I have a very good friend who is very funny and always kind with me, and we are friends since a very long time now.. I am not in a good period, so I decided to tell her, because I need help or advices. But she reacted like she wanted to do all by herself, and be the unic one who can help me, like "i'm here, just listen and do what i say". She is destroying me, but also herself, and it makes me feel more and more anxious. I feel responsible, she is just trying to help.. What can i do ? Is it toxic, even if she try to be kind ?
Levee Was Bri
Levee Was Bri Pred 2 dnevi
Love to see if this bitch practices what she preaches. Much easier said than done.
Eliros Pred 2 dnevi
Thank you, you have made me realise that i just hate my friend, im a nice person but they make me angry
Conner Hindle
Conner Hindle Pred 2 dnevi
Zina Pred 2 dnevi
I remember. watching this video when it first came out, and I had realised I was being such a**hole I had treated this person in such a horrific way and I separated myself for helping both them and me for the better this person is so much happier now since we broke things off and so am I if you realise your on either side of any of these situations please do try either communicate what you feel or break things off, it helped me so much!
James McShane
James McShane Pred 3 dnevi
It’s hard when it a parent because manipulashion is them trying to control you and parents are really ducking good at controlling and that makes it hard to see when a parent is being manipulating because it normal to you it what it’s always been and they can acually affect your life at will and it’s just so hard
I Always Have: A New Monthly Obsession
I Always Have: A New Monthly Obsession Pred 3 dnevi
As I was watching this video, I realized that 70% of my friends are A-holes. And I think I’m and A-hole to like 50% or 60% of my friends… that’s not good. I think I need therapy
Void Sproutz
Void Sproutz Pred 3 dnevi
jaidens videos are one of my special interests and has been for almost 6 years (im autistic) and this video helped me get out of an abusive situation about 3 years ago. anyone out there struggling, please know that there is a way out and there is hope :)
Rob Zambie
Rob Zambie Pred 3 dnevi
Now that I have knowledge I need someone to share this with.
Mighty Minty Chili
Mighty Minty Chili Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah.. "seek for professional help, always" always. Problem with professionals is that they are doing their profession for material benefits. Sometimes something could be fixed much faster, less painfull and whole situation could cause less damage to someone with issues. You might be reason that makes someone feel wrong way and those hard feelings may cause them to be problematic. BUT you are not responsible for that, its his responsibility to "be good/nonproblematic" XD that logic is ret***ed and selfish. I have seen my first video of yours today and I might not know everything. Are u an autistic person? Taking responsibility not only for your own world but worlds around you also could teach others to take care of others worlds so more and more people could help more and more people XD AND THERE WILL BE ZERO PROBLEMS IN EVERY WORLD! 100% LEGIT, 100% NOSCAM GUARANTEE! And all of that by the secret power of pyramids! JOIN TODAY
Mcyt Simp 420
Mcyt Simp 420 Pred 3 dnevi
I've been dating this guy for about 4 months now and I'd like to think that it's a pretty happy healthy relationship but I genuinely can't tell anymore, we get along perfectly fine and we talk almost every day but 95% of the time that we do talk he's venting about the shit that's been going wrong in his life and how he's started cutting and relapsing basically everyday and how he's been stealing cigarettes from his mom and I just genuinely don't know what do anymore, I know that because I'm his girlfriend that I should be there for him but it's getting to be too much and I still love him a lot but it's really hard because I have a shit ton of my own issues I need to deal with and I'm just really scared to cut him off because he's already on the verge of committing suicide and if I cut him off that might be his final straw for doing it
Eden Pred 2 dnevi
So for me I'm the person on the other side not you.. that person can't get anything done until their own reality check.. for me I understand I can't what happened but I can what happens next and how I can make it better.. but now I realized how much I messed up my relationship and I can't even get him to talk to me about it even after 2 months and Idk if we're still together but atleast I understand my feelings and his somewhat
SirChoobly Pred 3 dnevi
@Mcyt Simp 420 no problem I always try to help out nice people :)
Mcyt Simp 420
Mcyt Simp 420 Pred 3 dnevi
@SirChoobly thanks :)
SirChoobly Pred 3 dnevi
I wish i could help you somehow But i hope things get better
Kellie Ebberup-Krug
Kellie Ebberup-Krug Pred 3 dnevi
"Treat yourself like a friend"
Сука Dick
Сука Dick Pred 3 dnevi
My ex tryed to do that shit and i didnt know what was going on and it didnt work out for them and got my flannel back
Anime Tiddies & Loli Nekos
Anime Tiddies & Loli Nekos Pred 3 dnevi
You're so funny! 😂
Eli Milleman
Eli Milleman Pred 3 dnevi
...I wish I saw this during my relationship...
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Pred 3 dnevi
In 7:22 did you use toga
rahorin Pred 3 dnevi
I have no idea what you are talking about because I'm single 😃
Creek Hawkins
Creek Hawkins Pred 3 dnevi
my family does alot of this to me, and unfortunately I can't leave them till I'm 18 :(
Bilyana Nikolova
Bilyana Nikolova Pred 3 dnevi
girl, I realized some things. Thanks .....
Crill Tool
Crill Tool Pred 3 dnevi
Well, i just accept that they are a good person, but just say no if they offered me anything bad. Its easy (for me).
I hate myself every day
I hate myself every day Pred 3 dnevi
women moment
Dr Joseph Legend
Dr Joseph Legend Pred 3 dnevi
Those 10k dislikes are all Satan because he failed to give people drugs because of this video.
Froppy. Pred 3 dnevi
Thank you for this video, I needed to rewatch it after being with my boyfriend for 8 months. Watching this is making me realize my worth and how toxic he is. He says my feels are valid but doesn’t care. He’s the first boyfriend I’ve ever had (I’m 19) and I just am scared to leave Bc i don’t wanna be alone and he always tells me to leave Bc he will hurt himself one day and it will hurt me and I say no Bc I wanna be there for him. I care for him so much it’s so one sided I’m always crying and right now he’s on another trip with some girl I don’t even know. I really need to dump him but he was so great in the beginning idk what to do
Froppy. Pred 3 dnevi
@SirChoobly thank u that means a lot I wrote out a break up text but idk if I can do it I feel like he’s still a good person deep down
SirChoobly Pred 3 dnevi
He doesn't sound like the kind of boyfriend that's suitable for you. You seem like a really nice girl So you deserve better than him
JJ Pred 3 dnevi
Both me and my boyfriend have been in these relationships and one time when I was upset I asked if we could talk, and he said he couldn't handle that right now. Obviously it kind of hurt in the moment but I know why he said that and im super frickin proud of him for recognizing that he couldn't handle helping me at that moment. I was fine, he was fine, and we're doing better :)
Remi Past
Remi Past Pred 4 dnevi
Good position. But the one about needing someone is totally wrong
Chana Piekarski
Chana Piekarski Pred 4 dnevi
Like I get people shouldn't be forcing or manipulating you to stay with them or support them. But this idea that you shouldn't be there for your friends in a healthy way just means that your toxic and that's something people need to talk about.
Longestnameintyeholentireunivierselololollolololoo Pred 4 dnevi
I was in a hurtful relationship( with friend)
Loading Cat
Loading Cat Pred 4 dnevi
Thanks I’m usually trying my best to help my friends while my friends help me
Angie Razo
Angie Razo Pred 4 dnevi
I love how she put Toga XD
dave miler101
dave miler101 Pred 4 dnevi
Am I supposed to relate to this this is literally what happened with my mom she thought she was going in a good direction with the relationship with my stepdad but ended up sacrificing her kids aka me
Renee Mobley
Renee Mobley Pred 4 dnevi
Is the person who woke up and said " HA I going to be manipulative. Toga from mha
Goody Drew
Goody Drew Pred 4 dnevi
But what if they are dying
lamar artis
lamar artis Pred 4 dnevi
The nippy hawk tinctorially fire because ravioli cytologically rock out a forgetful offer. unequal, skinny carp
Vicky Hi.
Vicky Hi. Pred 4 dnevi
This explained a lot ty :)
Aunrix Pred 4 dnevi
I tried to break up with my current boyfriend like a month ago because he was being horribly toxic to others and me, he threatened to unalive himself if I leave him and "his blood would be on my hands" it's hard for me to leave him because he has multiplied me before so I try to excuse or avoid them
Spicy Ginger
Spicy Ginger Pred 4 dnevi
This also goes the other way, I see a lot of people that hate people unnecessarily becuase they assume bad intent and want to gate people, making the haters life worse becuase they take up so much space in there brain
Никита Шереметьев
Никита Шереметьев Pred 4 dnevi
Why I'm watching this if i don't have any relationship? 😂 (Actually not funny)
Axolotl Pred 4 dnevi
I was in a really really bad toxic relationship that I had to move I wish I saw this sooner
CreativeChloe Pred 4 dnevi
I was in a toxic relationship previously, and now I’m way to paranoid- I also worry that I’m being toxic. A lot. I mean my friends tell me I start most of the drama witch is true, and I blow things out of proportion a lot.
catbursoot Pred 4 dnevi
I broke up with someone who would tell they are gonna kts every night and it was controlling me
TheGlove Pred 4 dnevi
Like LGBT comunity: "You're a bad person UNLESS you agree with everything we say an DO. No matter what it is under ANY circumstance."
Destiny3 Pred 4 dnevi
Jaiden has helped me for over 5 years so thank you Jaiden I had to leave most my friend because they were pretty toxic
Daniel Mattos
Daniel Mattos Pred 4 dnevi
young parents watching this like "not personally responsible for anyone's happiness.... " yeah if your kid is young your kinda responsible
220Mary Pred 4 dnevi
My brain is not proceeding this
Yarden Schwartz
Yarden Schwartz Pred 4 dnevi
Hey, I recently ended a relationship because I think I've been too toxic. I mean, the person I've ended the relationship with has been toxic to me and that made me be toxic to them instead of realizing that they are being toxic. I think eventually it got a bit too out of control and I've hurt them a lot too so I've decided to end it on my part. Not my best way to end a relationship but hey, at least non of us killed each other
Rugioe Pred 4 dnevi
That one animation with the cocaine was absolutely hilarious!! xD
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